Selection Dilema

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Journey Man
This week will see the return of lueluai. Who will be dropped?

I think Cuthbo - Des will see it as the least amount of change.

I would prefer to see willo go - as cuthbo as proved his worth and at 21 needs experience in the top grade to go anywhere forward.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I think Willow will go. Or maybe Dunley

Cuthbo has done more than enough to keep his spot

The Wheel
Premium Member
He will probably go over as the 18th man. But I think he will play to shorten up some of the Warrior's gorillas with his big hits


Reserve Grader
Dunley had quite a good game on the weekend, I felt. Made plenty of metres out of dummy half and actually had some support with him on his runs across the line.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Dont get me wrong, Ballin should get a start but at this stage we need to make room for Cuthbertson so willow or Dunley has to go.

Once Cuthbertson is in regular rotation we can look at dropping soemone like Lulu and bring Ballin up. As good as Ballin is and as much as he deserves it. There just isn't a place for him at the moment

Canteen Worker

First Grader
Monaghan did nothing wrong and plenty right at the weekend. Ballin played second row in PL and still went well.

It has been suggested that no matter what team is selected that Willo might play the first 20 mins at pivot to take the sting out of the huge Warrior forwards and the inject Burns.


Journey Man
Well said Dan.

We need the youngsters to come through but we know des wont flood them through, so first things first - let cuthbo become a regular then when injury strikes in our pack ballin can have his go


UFO Hunter
I agree with the youngsters and not bring them through quickly, but, i'm **** scared that we're gona have Ballin walk the 1000km treck to the Gold Coast before getting his chance.


Reserve Grader
Dunley. His constant niggling in tackles and ability to give away penalties on a weekly basis is freaking frustrating to watch.

Put him in PL until he finds some of last years form.


First Grader
Tipping Member
Ballin will get a shot this year ,but from Monaghans & Dunleys performance on the weekend ,it wont be unless either gets hurt.I think he needs to be blooded before the anti- tampering deadline ,so we can make a offer.
With the selection dilemma ,my guess is Minogue will go straight into the lineup & Willo will be axed.The reason being ,if we were facing a quick attacking team ,Willo would be there for his defence,but i think Dessie will send a team this week that will attack the warriors defencers ,as i think they could be a bit suspect in that area.


I think with the big boppers in their pack we need willow in the team again... his defence is too good to leave out... he will bring those big boys crashing down everytime they run at him. The other problem is we also need lulu because he is a tank and we need some big boys of our own to match it with them... dunley also should get a run because their pack is so big after 10 - 15 mins before each half they will tire and this is where dunley could come into his own and really carve them up!!

So with that being said for me it comes down to bryant or cuthbo... i really like what i'm seeing from this young bloke but unfortunately i would drop him back this week and leave bryant in!!

Toopi could run rings around matai also if he doesn't pick up his defence... i think toopi is pretty ****e but on his day and with matai's defence already suspect he could cause problems!!

So.. my bench would be


But then again i see no reason why cuthbo couldn't handle these big blokes too.... hahahaaha glad i'm not des this week!

it's good to be back in the 8 :clap:

Canteen Worker

First Grader
I am wondering if Dunley should play against the Warriors. Their big men are powerful but they are suspect to the players light on their feet like Burns, Dunley, Bell, Orford and Kennedy. The mobility of the backrow should be able to run them around if our ball control and field position is good.

Bell should have a field day if he gets space.

Jatz Crackers

First Grader
Dunley. His constant niggling in tackles and ability to give away penalties on a weekly basis is freaking frustrating to watch.

Put him in PL until he finds some of last years form.

Have to agree with barks here. The one to leave out is the one determined to be the weakest link. Rather than confuse the issue with defence versus attacking fors and againsts.....simply remove the weakest of the players available. For mine thats Dunley. Penalties are the prime factor.
Surely if you were going to play King, he'd be better off as an 'impact' player (geez it's painful to describe him as that) off the bench rather that as a starter? Why wouldn't you start Bryant, drop King to the bench, include Kylie and drop Willo? Willo just doesn't provide what he did two seasons ago. I think we need a big bench against the Warriors. Get on top of their forwards and we will win.

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