Seibold having a snooze.

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You Slothfield are a deadset twat. What a bullsh1t article. This media outlet are just the lowest of low. Watch them beat this up for days

NRL 2023: Manly coach Anthony Seibold falls asleep in McDonald’s​

An NRL coach has been snapped having a snooze at a McDonald’s restaurant after a day out with mates. See the picture

Phil Rothfield and Peter Badel

Manly coach Anthony Seibold has been caught on camera falling asleep in a McDonald’s restaurant after a boozy St Patrick’s Day session.
The picture was taken around 11pm last Friday week, the day after Manly’s 34-30 win over the Parramatta Eels at Brookvale Oval.
It shows Seibold slumped in a chair with his arms folded, appearing to be asleep waiting for his Big Macs and fries.
Seibold spoke to News Corp to explain the circumstances.
Anthony Seibold was caught on camera falling asleep in a McDonalds restaurant.

Anthony Seibold was caught on camera falling asleep in a McDonalds restaurant.
“I had some old boarding school mates in town staying at my place,” he said.
“I had the afternoon off after the Parramatta game and went out for a beer.
“We’d eventually had enough so on the way home we stopped to get something to eat.
“I think everyone has stopped at Maccas for a couple of Big Macs after a night out with mates.
“That’s what happened. We were home by 11.30pm.”

In fairness, this would not be a story unless it was a high-profile NRL coach.
However Seibold, who was unbeaten going into Saturday’s game against South Sydney, is taking complete ownership.
“I’m not embarrassed but I own it,” he said.

“You don’t want your photo taken, but it happens these days wherever you might be.
“I was with a couple of great old mates and we had the weekend off.”
Manly CEO Tony Mestrov admits it was not an ideal situation for the coach to be photographed.
“I’ve spoken to Seibs about it,” Mestrov said.
“We had the weekend off and some old mates in town.

So what??? There is no story here.
The story should be that people have been giving Shu grief about eating Maccas and the coach gets caught at Maccas. @:D Just an aside, I get grief from people when I tell them that I've NEVER, in my 60 + years, eaten Maccas.
Thats it, Seibs gone, bringing the game into disrepute Put Flanno in as head coach, done... :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: :giggle: . seriously, they must be having a low news day
The guy speaks like he's mere months away from being admitted to a dementia ward. His choice of articles isn't any better.
Would have been more of a story if he was photographed awake. I've been at a McDonalds late at night, they are incredibly boring places.

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