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Season Wrap

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Chip and Chase, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. Chip and Chase

    Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    Before matters RWC and cricket start to invade my mind and cloud my memory of season 2007 I thought I'd give my run down of how I saw this year. I'd be interested to see who people think were good and bad, who carried their weight and who didn't.

    Brett Stewart - A stand out this season for us. Has improved and is playing with more confidence, and deserved his SOO, and now Australian, call up. Still got more improvement in him I think and will be one of our keys for next year. 9/10 :clap:

    Chris Hicks - Returned to some of the form we saw two seasons ago and was solid all year. Can't fault his effort and sad to see him go out on such a sour note. We will miss his input on the social aspects of the team away from footy, he was a popular member of the team. Wish him well in England. 7.5/10

    Michael Robertson - Again, another solid season, and one that saw him improve on some aspects of his game. Is a good finisher and safe in defence, work under the high ball has been good. Despite lacking a bit of size is prepared to roll up the sleeves and have a dig working the ball out of our end zone. 8/10

    Steve Matai - Jeckyl and Hyde. Can't fault his enthusiasm when he keeps a lid on his temper, but is prone to brain explosions. His defence has been well discussed and is his achilles heel. Tried hard last night to provide the spark we needed. Not a match winner with the ball in hand, but does a lot of the grunt work to take the load off the forwards. I still think his future lies in the back row. Jury still out for mine, but I think he went better this year than last, 7/10 for effort.

    Steve Bell - I've personally been disappointed with Bell this year. Too much dancing and right foot stepping back into traffic. Maybe lost some confidence after that facial injury, I don't know. Expected more from him, and he doesn't seem to want to run straight anymore. No sign of the combination he had going with Orford at the Storm. I think he may be heading one wider and taking Hick's spot on the wing next year. 6/10

    Jamie Lyon - In my opinion, and from what he showed this year, he is not a 5/8 at this level. No kicking game to talk of and only showed patches of a good running and passing game. His defence is beyond reproach though. He is better suited at centre, but needs some good ball players inside him to give him room to work. Most over-rated tag may have stung him, but you'd have to say it was almost warranted given the expectations he came with. Is a class player but needs to get more involved and prove his ability to the knockers. 7/10

    Matt Orford - I beginning to wonder whether he is the next Kimmoreley. I have been extremely disappointed with the lack of consistency he showed this year, and once again he clammed up under pressure last night (passing game was atrocious). Needs to put his hand up and accept responsibilty for driving this team around the paddock and start taking games by the scruff of the neck on a REGULAR basis, not just here and there as has been the case this year. His long kicking game could do with some work, especially without Monas next year the onus will be on him more. Hopefully a good offseason will rid him of the niggling leg injuries, which may have been a reason for his patchy form. Looking for a big improvement from him in 2008. Gets marked harder in my book because he comes with a higher weight of expectation commensurate with his pay packet. 6.5/10

    Luke Williamson - What is there to say about Willo, he is a solid toiler and the type of journeyman that most clubs have running around. Very rarely lets anyone down but is on the back end of his career now. Maybe off the bench next year, but not the sort of player who will offer spark, utility value at best to cover hooker. Played as expected this year and did his job admirably 7.5/10

    Anthony Watmough - Ran into some good form at the back end of the season and was playing like he was last year ago when he got the SOO call up. Runs hard and straight and chewed up plenty of metres, but his suspect hands let him down at times. Be interesting to see if he can get a combination going with Ballin at the edge of the ruck, where Ballin's better ball service may give him a bit of extra space. His defence is a mixed bag, and I'm not totally convinced he is over his shoulder injury, because he can leak line breaks on the edges in a one on one situation. Probably our best forward though this year, and hopefully will ramp it up next season. 8/10

    Glenn Stewart - Most improved for mine this year. Didn't think he had the goods to make it at 1st grade, but a bit of bulk on his frame and he has had me eating my words. Can get a good offload away and does plenty of work in defence. Had a good year and looking forward to more improvement next season Also think he should start at lock instead of Willo. 8/10

    Brent Kite - Solid all season and worked hard, most consistent prop week in week out. Still think he has a little more to offer and needs a bit of mongrel in his game. Quality player though and deserves his Aussie jumper. 8/10

    Jason King - Has had plenty of knockers, and rightly so, but is fair to say that his efforts this year were something more like what you expect from a starting front rower. Definitely showed what he is capable of and just needs to keep consistently putting in. Looking forward to him taking some ownership of the hard yards mantle next year. 7.5/10

    Michael Monaghan - This guy did my head in last year and it's no secret that I wasn't much of a fan. But I take my hat off to him for his effort this year, he was probably our most consistent player and was a big reason that we made it as far as we did. He is no superstar, and still had the odd brain explosion, but he tried his guts out and for that I applaud him. Thanks for your contribution and good luck in England - 9/10

    Steven Menzies - The Beaver is an absolute champion, but had a season dogged by injury and positional switches. He always turns up to play and just exudes class, but 5/8 and centre aren't really where it's at for him. In my opinion he needs to be in the run on side in the backrow. Evergreen performer who will need to stay injury free if we are to go all the way next year. I'd give him 10/10 everyday of the week because he is the Beaver, but in fairness probably 7.5/10.

    Mark Bryant - Run of the mill, off the bench prop who does his job without fuss. Was solid enough this year without being outstanding. Defence can be a bit suss around the ruck. Will probably get first crack at the bench next year, but I don't see any improvement in him. 7/10

    Adam Cuthbertson - Showed glimpses of the talent that he has been getting wraps for over the last two seasons. Defence needs work, but looks like he could provide a bit of second phase play with his good offloading ability. Hopefully a reasonable taste of first grade this year will give him some confidence and a bit of experience going into next season. 7/10

    Jack Afamasaga - Not sure about Jack, he is a big unit and should be Kafusi like in his impact as they are a similar build. But he hasn't never really jumped out at me save for a couple of runs here and there. Lateral defence is a worry because he is a bit of a "lumberer". Once again, a bit of a taste of what it is like to go around in the big show might focus him up for a big off season and he should be looking for some impact next year. 7/10

    George Rose - Injury cut his season short as we know, but he did show some glimpses of some good form. Not sure that we can afford to have him and Cuthbo in the same side as they are a similar style of player. Needs to work on fitness and mobility, but could be useful for depth. 6.5/10.

    Matt Ballin - Will get the 9 jumper next year and for mine showed enough this year to prove that he will be a useful asset. He looks crisp and has probably a bit more spark in his run than Monas so I'm hoping that we will get more yards out of dummy half and Orford will have a second or two more time. Needs to spend the off season working hard on developing his long kicking game as this is a crucial role for him next year I feel. Looking forward to seeing him go around regularly. 7.5/10

    Glenn Hall - Injured at the wrong time of the year, which probably cost him a bench spot over Bryant. Was solid enough this year without being spectacular and is the sort of guy that can get you some yards on his day. Not unhappy with his contribution this year. 7/10

    Travis Burns - He worked hard on his discipline this year and cut down the stupid penalties. Doesn't offer much in attack and has a limited kicking game. Solid defender though and may have been a useful utility on the bench next year to cover hooker/halves. But he is off to perceived greener pastures, so wish him well, but I don't think we will miss him too much. 6.5/10

    Des Hasler - Dessie has got to get a wrap for getting us as far as we did. Everyone would have to admit a GF berth exceeded expectations at the start of the season. Has built a team around a solid defensive ethic (except last night), and know just needs to tweak the attack and positional play. Has the respect of the players, and the confidence of the admin. I'd like to see him put some more faith in his tactical ability and be a little less conservative next year. But all in all he's done a fine job building this side from virtually nothing. 9/10

    The Season In General - I said elsewhere that if you had told me at the start of the year that we compete in the GF I'd have said you were on drugs. But how good has it been to see the team consolidate itself at the top of the table and play competitive footy week in week out. Also, despite the result, it was awesome to watch the mighty Sea Eagles live in another GF. We probably had one of our more disappointing efforts of the year in the game that mattered, and I feel sorry for the players that they finished the season so meekly. The efforts this season deserved better. But the hate is back, I got bombarded with texts and phone calls during and after last nights game, people are worried about Manly again and that can only be a good thing. Great effort this year, and it's fair to say in my eyes we overachieved, I would have been happy with a solid top 8 spot and a win in the first round of the finals. Really looking forward to next year where it will hopefully be a 10/10 season, but for this year I'll have to give it a 9.5/10

    Looking Forward - Two main things need to be worked on next year. We need to sort out the 5/8 spot. I suspect Dessie will stick with Lyon, but he will need to improve on what he delivered this year. Hopefully an off season of some solid drills and working on combinations will help in this department. I still think that Lyon is better suited at centre, but that leaves us very few options at 5/8 with Burns going. The other thing that really needs to get rammed home is that Orford has got to start driving this ship around the park. There can be no excuses, with no Monas next year he has to take full responsibility and can't be looking to others to confuse the issue. We need some real polish on our inside 20 options if we are to be a genuine threat next year. We've got plenty of talent in this side, it just needs to harnessed and pointed in the right direction. Looking forward to 2008
  2. sharx

    sharx Active Member

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    pretty accurate sum of the season,however,as always when we lose the last game,we have lacked strong go forward up front.melb killed us in that dept last nite.jason king 38 metres says it all.kite 78 metres.whereas melbs props were at 120 metres +.sure possession helped them but in order to win the big games,it the big men who do most damage.just look at every premiership winning teams in the past.with the exception of the tigers,every team had big guys up front.
    hopefully j perry,g rose ,and cuthbo bulk up hard for next year,kite and king are ok but are not feared.
    anyway a good year overall.
  3. Fro

    Fro Well-Known Member

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    Wamough Didnt play Origin last year
  4. DSM5

    DSM5 Well-Known Member

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    Another fine analysis C & C. I worry about the missing X factor in the 08 forwards. That winning attitude that players like Spud had for us, that 'winning is everything, losing is nothing' attitude. How do you get it? Is it inherent in some and not others? Can it be learned? The Storm forwards had it and just how to get it is the key to the 08 GF.
  5. Chip and Chase

    Chip and Chase True Supporter Staff Member Administrator Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

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    My bad (like your spelling :D ) it was 2005
  6. Fro

    Fro Well-Known Member

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    You really want to compare spelling records C & C ;)

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