season is a success

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Reserve Grader
we made the 8 which is what we set out to do.

no negatives (would have preferred better form going in)

only positive because we have acieved what we wanted.

congratulations boys :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:


Journey Man
I have a growing confidence that we're a chance of rolling the Eels too. Of any team to meet in the first round of the finals, they might be the one we want.

If we take all our forwards in fir, and don't fiddle around with our backrow by putting Menzies at 5/8th, we must surely be a chance.

(Oh, and keep Randall well away from the action too).
vegas.i said it would happen tuesday or wednesday at the latest.but monday!and from matabele!this is a very virulent strain obviously.


Journey Man
Do not confuse "growing confidence" with "certainty".

I assume they will be down three forwards:

Moi Moi

That means they lose a lot of workrate and two go forward men.

They will regain Wagon but I don't rate him.

I suggest we can get on top in the forwards if all of them follow the example of BK (don't forget what he did to the Eels in GF 2001).

The worry is obvious. Our halves are light years behind theirs. That will probably be our undoing unless the forwards can pulverise their opposition.


Reserve Grader
sue ,my point was that our season would be gauged on whether we make the semis.u said at the beginning of the yr 7-8 th is were we would finish so i gauge our yr as a succuss.
moi moi unfortunately from all reports will be ok i think."tippy toes " vella would give us a better chance if he played.steve mascord said yesterday he should be ok on radio.

if the boys have a dig be happy with a good tough tussle IMO.they are a far superior side now that their combinations have solidified.their halves and outside backs are eons ahead of ours.and the crowd will be going crazy.i think we will lose to the 2005 premiers this week and a respectable scoreline should give us hope for a better season with our buys for next year.

also,was that true about signing that broncos winger?


First Grader
Manly made the semis. Its a shame they received a record loss in the process.

I also think that we have a chance against the EELS. But Manly have struggled against them for 2 years.
i tipped them to run seventh.only caveat on that is would like to have seen a far better back end with some improvement in key positions.

but i was referring to sundays game,not the season.


Journey Man
LAst year we would have beaten the Eels at Brookie but for a refs decision.

They flogged us in the return game last year - game of the infamous Hoppa brain explosion.

Then this year it was close again 18-12, but we were missing BK and Blue Arsed.

I don't rate their forwards and I certainly don't think they are 2005 premiers. (Dragons, Cowboys or Storm for mine).

Therefore, if we can dominate up front, who can tell how Smith will go with a bit of heat being put on him.

Yes we lack in the backs, but if Bullett can get onto a BK offload just twice .....................


Reserve Grader
sue your forgetting the mush morrison,no team can win the comp with glen morrison,not because he is a bad player but simply because he is a mush.
also ,there is no shame in being beaten by them.have a look at their roster.if we do the jersey proud who seriously think we will win away against the minor premiers is asking to be dissappointed.capitulation is the only way this game will dissappoint and that just depends on attitude.if the boys turn up then that is all i ask every week.
i rate their forwards extremely highly ,particularly their bench players.cayless,piggy,pj,widders,hindmarsh would walk into any side.their forwards went with saints all the way a couple of weeks ago away from home.with a full strength backline they would have won that game.that will do me.remember the steamrolling saints gave us in both against selecting them to win the comp i am also assuming that hindmarsh plays after the 2 week break which is anyones guess.there is also something about saints that worries me.cant put my finger on it.broncos will be the other finalist IMO.


Winging it
I hope I understand the McIntyre system, however I am not looking forward to the two week break as I want to see Manly play each weekend, but that is the price I will accept for heading to the GF :dance:


Reserve Grader
Eels are a 1 man show = Tim Smith the Games they Lost , Smith Played crap , If Beaver Can do to Him , what he did to his brother Jason (Joke) We will win

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