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Sea Eagles suffered from the "she'll be right, mate" Mentality Phil Gould

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Aug 18, 2008.

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    Sea Eagles suffered from the "she'll be right, mate" Mentality Phil Gould

    Rabbitohs deliver timely lesson on winning attitude

    Phil Gould | August 18, 2008

    YESTERDAY, the Sea Eagles suffered from the "she'll be right, mate" mentality that has plagued many short-priced favourites over the years.

    This is where the favoured team turns up thinking reputations will get the job done. They figure their opposition will be suitably impressed and roll over.

    Every player assumes their highly talented teammates will be on their game, so they need not apply themselves with the usual commitment.

    They roll through their well-rehearsed series of patterns and plays, all the time expecting their lesser-known rivals to fawn with admiration and allow them easy passage to the try line.

    Instead, Manly ran into a very determined South Sydney team that didn't give a damn about reputations and backed their own ability.

    As the game wore on and Manly realised an upset could become a reality, they hoped for a win rather than knuckled down as a group and worked for one. The result was an embarrassing loss and a huge dent in their premiership aspirations.

    Before Souths fans complain about me not giving their team enough credit, let me say the Rabbitohs were superb. But you don't get stunning upsets unless the more fancied team contributes to their own demise.

    Entering yesterday's clash, the scenario was this: second-placed Manly had everything to play for and 14th-placed Souths should have been distracted by thoughts of an end-of-season holiday.

    Manly boasted the second-best defensive record in the competition, yet conceded 40 points yesterday for the first time since 2005, against a team with the worst attacking record in the NRL this season.

    To be honest, the Rabbitohs were unlucky not to score a few more.

    The Sea Eagles did manage to score six tries - but five of those were pretty lucky. In no way did their points come from brilliant team football or perfect execution.

    It really was a dismal performance from a team that usually plays with intensity, discipline and a wonderful work ethic. Manly players pride themselves on their gritty defence and attention to detail in every facet of the game.

    Unfortunately, most of their players had a day off yesterday. Brett Stewart, Brent Kite, Josh Perry and veteran Steve Menzies could probably be spared any criticism.

    I'm sure Manly knew what was required to win; they just didn't work for it as a unit.

    Manly needed to be up for this clash knowing full well the unpredictable Rabbitohs are always capable of causing a stunning upset. They needed to discourage Souths from the opening whistle with their best brand of bruising defence. They needed to be ruthless with their go-forward and kick-chase to smother any thoughts the opposition may have harboured about playing entertaining football.

    They should've been keen to flex their muscles and punish the sometimes brittle Souths defence with their best array of attacking plays. They delivered nothing of the kind.

    The Rabbitohs were brilliant in attack and continually punched holes in Manly's defensive line. Now out of the running for a top eight position, Souths played without the stress of expectation and that allowed their free-running spirit to shine. They beat Manly on the outside with selective long passes and short cross-field kicks.

    The most worrying thing for Manly coach Des Hasler was the number of times Souths' playmakers were able to send ball-runners into gaping holes around the play-the-ball area and on the fringes of the ruck.

    Ever since Souths settled on the combination of Issac Luke at No.9, Chris Sandow at halfback, Craig Wing at five-eighth, John Sutton at lock and Nathan Merritt at fullback, they have looked far better in attack.

    It was no fluke. They won this match fair and square.

    Manly learned there are no certainties in sport, and the only prayer that ever gets answered is action. It will be interesting to see how they play next week.
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    Re: Sea Eagles suffered from the "she'll be right, mate" Mentality Phil Gould

    This article is spot on and Gould sums it up nicely. The last sentence is the key.
  3. Brookvale

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    Re: Sea Eagles suffered from the "she'll be right, mate" Mentality Phil Gould

    the article is spot on about all aspects of yesterdays game

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