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Sea Eagles mount joint-venture talks

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Copa Eagle, Nov 6, 2010.

  1. Copa Eagle

    Copa Eagle Member

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    Plus another article in the paper stating that the marlins will be using brookie too !!! surely we can get some sort of pitch upgrade !
  2. Brissie Kid

    Brissie Kid Well-Known Member

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    Gawd if the Marlins are thinking about Brookie they might as well go the whole way to Rat Park.
  3. Rex

    Rex Well-Known Member

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    If we're seriously looking at getting improvements to Brookie Oval then sharing with Marlins would seem to be a step in the right direction. Games basically each weekend at Brookie wouldn't be a bad result.
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    its good but manly still have to foot the bill, i was hoping  it was a seperate entity who wanted to use brookie & pay rent  on it,
  5. Rusty

    Rusty Well-Known Member

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    Having the Marlins use the ground is good, it allows us to lobby people a little harder, saying the ground is used by 2 teams, it also makes it harder for the council to demonize us to the rest of the community.

    It won't help financially for two reason, firstly the Marlins will not attract the crowds needed to foot any kind of bill and secondly, the council would just pocket any extra money anyhow and not put it to good use.
  6. Brissie Kid

    Brissie Kid Well-Known Member

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    Except we're asking WARRINGAH Council to stump up cash for two MANLY teams. How's that help the profile of Warringah council area?
  7. Normie

    Normie Well-Known Member

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    I'm sorry, I must have missed it when they changed from being the Manly-WARRINGAH Sea Eagles to just being the Manly Sea Eagles.......
  8. Berkeley_Eagle

    Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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    only thing it will the idiot whingers more to complain about that live near the ground
  9. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

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    only thing it will the idiot whingers more to complain about that live near the ground

    You see - the problem with that is that people like Kirsch (in my opinion) are now one trick ponies. Brookvale Oval, and the debate is ALL she HAS now.

    Take that away from people like her, and people would question what as a councilor she is actually doing?

    My theory has always been with people like her, the following.

    Instead of squabbling over the scraps of money that OTHERS have lobbied to attain, why not try being pro-active, getting off your arse, and acquiring SEPARATE funding for things on your own right?

    Now, I know that sounds novel, but it CAN be done if these people are motivated in improving our community.

    I am yet to see ANY evidence that Kristina, and her council have attained funding for our schools, hospitals, infrastructure and co. What I HAVE seen is evidence that she has seen a wet rag thrown our way by state government, after a LOT of work by passionate people (Reilly, Spray, Mayer, Lowe & everyone else - not trying to leave anyone out there), and she wants to pick and scrape at it, because it makes her look pro-active to her 80+ year old, minority group of fans that support and vote for her.

    Here's the thing. We presented a petition, with 10,000 odd signatures on it with the help "from her community" that suggests her views are skew. If she, and other councilors are so blind as to understand this is not "community opinion" then they are more narrow minded than I could ever imagine.

    ERNIE FOR NO7 Active Member

    +80 /1
    Discussions with Mounties took place as long ago as 9 months ago. They fell over and hopefully it is successful this time. Manly are desperate to find somewhere for the unrequired NRL players to play.

    I doubt this affiliation will mean that any games wll be played at Brooky. Mounties won't conced to that and that would mean more cost to Manly.
  11. EagleRock40

    EagleRock40 Well-Known Member

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    correct me if i'm wrong but aren't Mounties affiliated with Parra?? Probably makes sense though, we end up with all their juniors!
  12. The Wheel

    The Wheel Well-Known Member

    +2,757 /88
    The unwated players dont play games at brookie now as they end up on the Sunshine Coast so I hope that isn't a sticking point.

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