Sea Eagle Fever

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Driving back yesterdat from South Curl Curl and a 40th Birthday party there for my sister-in-law I witnessed the most odd occurrence as I came down the hill from Marsfield to Epping on Epping Highway.

A jogger dressed in a Manly Jersey was coming up the median strip in the middle of six lanes and he was carrying a huge maroon flag (at least 2 metres by 2 metres) with a white Sea Eagle in the middle of it, proudly displaying it for all the passing motorists. Of course we tooted and cheered but it was a funny sight on a holiday Monday in the middle of Epping.

Go Sea Eagles.
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I saw someone on MSE post the same thing about a week ago asking who it was. Was in that general area.

I remember someone asking about it last season as well.
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It was someone on here, I think, cos I remember it too. Whoever it was (Ryan maybe, I'm just guessing here) honked his horn and yelled out 'Go Manly!' and the guy just replied by punching his fist in the air.
It was Ryan!! I'm sure he posted last year that he was driving from a meeting at his work and pulled up at an intersection and the same bloke darted out!!


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Yeah the manly passion is alive I saw some meatheaded tool in woolworths the other week, he was in the line, left the line to get more shopping and the manager asked me to jump ahead, I did and the chick was already ringing up my stuff, he came back and started having a go at me, an argument ensued whereby I was at my smart as best and told this 6ft 5" bohemeth in a manly jumper "You'll be right son, it wont be long"

I think I may have fired up the roids in just fgoes to show, that just because you are wearing a manly jumper doesn't make you any less of a tool!


Kim Jong Dan
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no, when i grew up yeah, but no I live in Neutral bay, pretty much North Sydney.

West for me is anything the other side of the freeway
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