Sea Eagle call works

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Journey Man
Do you remember my open letter to the players exhorting the players to adapt a "Sea Eagle" call?

Well we tried it on the 6 year old at his soccer game this morning.

In the first half he pulled off 6 blazing saves as goalkeeper on players on the break.

In the second half he nearly scored twice and threw himslef into the melee for the ball more than he ever has done before.

His side didn't win, but he made off with man of the match award, in a losing side.

I wonder if our players can emulate that?
I like it Mata. If it works for Billy Moore and QLD, imagine what it could do for us? I'd like to see BK or Choc screaming it out across the defensive line when we are defending on our try line.


The problem is that if you called sea eagle players like King, Harris and monaghan would immediately hit the deck thinking that a sea eagle was going to swoop on them.

Remember that they are scared little pussycats who can only run 13 metres in a game. Nothing will change with these players until they are bannished from the team.

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