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Single handedly lost that game, and possibly our season. That was an inept performance against a team that is going appaullingly. Panthers turned over THAT much possession. We have now lost 5 in 6 weeks. Those of you that can put a positive spin on that should take a good look at yourselves. This has broken the camels back for me. No more positives until we see some!!! Souths, Tigers & Penrith all bottom 4 teams have given it to us. I honestly give up. 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998, 1997 all over gain.


agree 100%..

wind blows the bloke over! hes got no strength whatsoever. Cant catch to save his life..

Des, please put Taylor on the wing. For crying out loud.

What a depressing game.. our forwards were woeful.. Monas was ****e.. Burns played hooker wtf! We had no halves COMBINATION.. harris was 2nd receiver.. appalling tactics..

we really did miss Watmough... hes the only forward that goes FORWARD! we miss his hard runs.. his pace.. and the fact that he CHASES kicks.. that little grubber from Monas near the end was almost perfect if anyone bothered to chase.. it took half an hour before the ball went out.. Noone chased it!!!!!

Argh horrible effort from all around.

Our season is now in major threat.

Dragons.. Brisbane and Nth Qld all to come... geez.


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There is one positive. I will never ever pick Manly again when Russell Smith is refereeing!


Journey Man can't blame an inept performance on ANY referee. Any team with that much ball gifted to them by the opposition like Penrith did to us would have won tonight. We are just the worst team in the competition at the moment. Kennedy can't carry us EVERY week.


lol at least we agree.

I hope Watmough is back soon. We really did Miss Witty too.. the fact that we couldnt spread the ball as Monas looked and saw harris and figured since the first 3 times he gave it away he would get tackled instead. Burns at hooker was a shocking decision from Des.


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You say we got smashed in the forwards. Probably true, Kennedy had his worst game of the year and looked tired, letting Campbell run all over him.

Brent Kite on the other hand was outstanding, and IMO is going under the radar. He deserves a much bigger wrap than he is getting.

I won't comment on this seasons position, I have no idea how we are going to crack the finals now.......... despite playing badly we should have had the 2 points then. Unless something drastic happens to this team, it is going to be a long, hard run into the ribbon.

In more positive news, Bell is outstanding, and farkin hell Orford would be a ripper signing. But who would blame him if he didn't want to come to Manly after the last few weeks our team has dished up. Not ot mention Souths has a strong win over the Sharks.


There is one positive. I will never ever pick Manly again when Russell Smith is refereeing!

I thought the reffering was crap but it didnt favour any side at all. We just played like a bunch of unco pansies.

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