School orders teachers to reapply for their jobs

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May 23, 2006

ONE of the country's wealthiest schools, Newington College, faces a staff revolt after telling 40 senior teachers they must re-apply for their jobs by next Friday and agree to work up to four more weeks a year.

In response staff have voted to boycott the process, vowing not to apply for any of the jobs.

The school's headmaster, David Scott, yesterday denied he was trying to exploit the new industrial laws. He said the move was about making the school more efficient.

However, sources told the Herald Mr Scott had said in meetings the school was considering declaring itself a constitutional corporation, a legal status that would allow it to enter the federal industrial relations system.

Mr Scott said teachers would still fall under the relevant state awards after the restructure and would still get four weeks annual leave a year. "The timing is not great but I can't wait around forever for good timing," he said, adding that the changes had been mooted a year ago.

"This has got nothing whatsoever to do with WorkChoices. I think the unions are trying to use this as a WorkChoices issue.

"It's about providing time when teachers and administrators can do their professional training outside of the time when students are here so they are not out of class."

Teachers were notified of the changes last week in a document called Restructure of Academic and Pastoral Positions. In it, heads of department, year masters and house masters were asked to provide a resumé of "not more than three A4 typed pages" by June 2 identifying relevant qualifications and experience.

Sixty-eight of the school's teachers voted at a union meeting yesterday to flag industrial action by notifying the state Industrial Relations Commission of the dispute.

The Independent Education Union's NSW and ACT secretary, Dick Shearman, said Newington was "putting itself up as the WorkChoices school", even though the church which owns it has publicly opposed the laws.


No more 4 week holidays in the middle of the year, and 3 month holidays over Christmas. How terrible for the private school teachers. Why don't they get them to have a run in the country, with no air-conditioning and 30 odd kids, and then see if they'll still moan about having to re-apply for their job?


How dare they try and reduce their 12 weeks a year holidays down to 8 weeks.

Next they will be trying to reduce their holidays down to 4 weeks like the rest of the workfrorce.


Kim Jong Dan
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you all forget they dont get paid for school holidays guys!

and byso can you please reduce the size of that image in your sig?


Kim Jong Dan
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It's no bigger than the previous one, but i'll still do it.

every now and then it pushes out the middle. Some people use 800 * 600 so it will be too big for them


Journey Man
its 12 weeks where you dont have to come to work - however you are suppost to be working out lesson plans etc for the upcoming year which a lot of teachers do.

again the 80 - 20 rule comes into it and there are some bludgers


I wonder if that will filter down through the other GPS schools....
Teachers are poorly paid for the crap they have to put up with and the fact they are paid for holidays is little consolation!
Yeah it might look like an easy job but I challenge anyone to go and find out for themselves the work that has to be put in and actually how difficult it can be.
Now the students seem to have more rights than the teachers and this is one of the reasons teachers are leaving the profession in droves.
I considered studying teaching years ago and it was teachers themselves that talked me out of it!


Journey Man
my other halfs father is a teacher and most times when i visit on a week night he has school work to do - marking/planning etc. His average day would be at least 10 hours so its not like he is there 9 - 3 and thats it


First Grader
Fluffy its a rare occasion when I go home at evening and dont log on and do some work too. Teachers are hardly hard done by.


First Grader
Teachers deserve it, what other job do you have to take that much crap from kids and not be able to do anything about it.

deserve better conditions not worse.


First Grader
I couldnt be a teacher, I remember what I was like at school for a few years!!!!

I dont know how some teachers dont belt some of their students.

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