SCG Excercise good or bad


It was awesome to go to the SCG and see such an amazing game, but to be honest it was very much an away win in my mind, the Parra Parra chant was deafining and if we had 19000 in brookie i reckon the atmosphere would have been awesome if not better.

i think in this day and age when the comp is so close every advantage must be taken and a full house at brookie would have been worth a try or two in my mind.

Its not like they would have got 25-30K crowd and made a stack of extra cash by going to a bigger venue.

As i said, from a game point of view, great exercise, but give me home ground advantage any day. :blah:

It was good that I got to see a league game at the SCG for the 1st time but I think the atmosphere would have been better at brookvale and watching league at the SCG is terrible.

Wonder what the financial gain was for the club in comparison to playing it at home. I dont think it would have been much as I assume the costs associated with playing there would be greater than Brookie and we would have got a 18.5k crowd at brookie compared to 19.2k at the SCG.
i would say , and i was in the mmembers area so the other side of the field from most of the chanting fans of both sides that it was easily a 60/40 crowd in Parras favour if not more.

apart from in the members and rightfully so hahahaha!
Agree, not sure of the financial value but we got plenty of publicity out of it and we won.
there is no way in the world we would have been financially better off, can you imagine what it would cost the club to hire the SCG compared to Brookvale? and trhe crowd would have been very similar

Thanks F(*& we won or i would not have been a happy camper about just handing back a home game.
Much like when teams move their games to NZ, Adelaide etc I am sure that the club did not move the game without a financial incentive
definately the incentive was there, but i think they would have been expecting a far bigger attendance, ie more than Brookie would have held, hence moving the game.

but serioulsy, whats worth more, making an extra 20K or the 2 points!
Guys, the bottom line is that it was a FANTASTIC experience for anyone who was there. Yes, we love Brookie, and yes we expected more people, but I think the whole aura of being back at the SCG added to it all. It was a once-in-a-lifetime. I know my little brother (14 - big age diff) was really appreciative of it all coz he didn't know that the GF's used to be held there.

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