SBW out for 8 weeks are the Bulldogs Gone?

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Sonny Bill Williams is out of rugby league for the next eight weeks – throwing betting markets, the NRL's marketing and this month's Test match into disarray.

Williams, 19, will miss representing New Zealand in the April 22 Test against Australia and won't return until the Bulldogs' round 13 match against Souths in early June.

The loss of Williams is a crippling blow to the Bulldogs, already struggling outside the top eight after three successive defeats.

Williams sustained a right ankle injury during a hit-up against Cronulla at Toyota Park last Sunday but it is also feared he has contracted mumps. He is awaiting blood test results.

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What are the chances of the Bulldogd NOT making the semis in 2005?

I think touch and go?
Journey Man
They are struggling and are not used to it.

To be honest i think they will still make the 8, but that is probably the last chance at a minor premiership.
Winging it
They were awesome for 20 minutes this year. Ogre, Mason, SBW missing, and with Price gone they are looking decidedly shaky. They still have some great players like Ryan but their season could be gone in the next 5 weeks.
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Very early to make a call - but they are not impressive. That first 20 mins against ST G was brilliant but they have done nothing since. To lose the players they have and then to lose Williams, Mason and O'Meley would kill many teams. Interesting to see what develops in the next few weeks.
Their forward pack looks disgraceful.

Without Sonny Bill now their forward pack is basically Asotasi and Bobcat Ryan. Asotasi has stepped up well this year in place of Steve Price - but he still isn't the same player. He was explosive off the bench last year and has done well enough this year as a starting prop.

But other than him, Chris Armit is the other starter - not good enough I feel. And minus Williams and Mason the backrow is Andrew Ryan. Great player, but can't carry the workload of the other two as well.

And they no longer have Sonny Bill and Asotasi coming off the bench - it's Nate Myles (who hasn't looked too bad) and that Hindmarsh lookalike who is absolute sh*te.

That said, Sherwin is a class act and when they DO get their players back from injury they will still make the finals. And once in the finals, they can do anything. They will have a forward pack of Asotasi, Hughes (Sh*te), O'Meley, Mason, Ryan, Sonny Bill.

That's an awesome pack. When the finals roll around, the bulldogs will almost certainly be there, and these guys will be as hard to beat as any other team.

Furthermore, they need the bye - I've heard that O'Meley comes back after it, which helps them out no end.
Journey Man
Both guys have the mumps but will not miss any game time sue to the bye and injury to SBW
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fellas it is only round 5. remember a few years back Brisbane lost their 1st 6 or 7 in a row and still made the 8. Just though!!!

I will not write the dogs off
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24 17 7 272 36
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24 15 9 247 32
24 15 9 201 32
24 14 10 130 30
24 14 10 63 30
24 13 11 -36 28
24 12 12 -100 26
24 9 15 -105 20
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