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There is plenty of Manly news in the weekend local rag.

Apart from Matai's 'ongoing alchohol issues' being the front page story, there is also a snippet about a hotline Manly has set up for complaints re Monday night footy.

There is also a story in which Brett Stewart rates himself no chance to play Origin next Wednesday should Minichiello not be fit, there is a good article on Shane Neumann and how shocked he was to be picked in first grade and Zorba's column praises the charity work done by MM and putting a perspective on him leaving the club at the end of the season.

Articles have all been added to the news database.

Link to the Manly Daily is


just being his usual modest self Kiwi, great ambassador for the club unlike some of his team mates or one in particular who is a repeat offender.

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Just on the repeat offender part, to be fair, he was cleared of all charges in the courtroom

But it is a worry that we are seeing Watmough and Matai in the papers, havent had that since Hoppa left other than Hills little indescretion last season

But i have little doubt that Matai will sort the problem out, is too commited to his footy to let all the hard work slip away through stupid **** like this


yeah he was cleared i guess, i have a few mates who saw the Surfrock debacle and word is he may have been a little lucky.

I like Matai, love the way he plays footy and sails close to the wind, but he isnt doing himself many favours.

Kiwi Eagle

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Exactly right, maybe just chuck an alcohol ban on himself or something. As stated in another thread it more often than not seems to be the Island boys that have issues when they are on the juice. Hope he heeds this warning and takes the chance he has been given

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