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Just heard on 2KY that Slammin Sam is being released by the Tiges and joining the Waratahs to play Centre. Had to check the Calendar to make sure it wasnt April 1 before I fell off the chair laughing........


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He'll be one of the fattest and slowest centres going around - even for Rugby. Too bad he doesn't have a Scottish grandmother.

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Surely you jest. Who is he going to replace at centre in the Waratahs ? I know Shaun Berne is heading off, and he wasn't one of the quickest centres going around, but Harris. Give me a break, this has got to be a gee up.

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The release bit I can accept but anyone that saw Mortlock and co run through him the Super 12 Semi four years ago will never pick him again in that position. He just did not have the defensive nouse, lateral movement or technique. Nathan Grey was injured and Sam just did not cut the mustard.

The best he can hope for is a spot at Warrngah. The Tahs bit may just be a saving face thing.


No way will he makes the team as a centre. Maybe they want him as a front rower now?


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he would have been signed as a backrower although NSW are very well served even with Hoiles leaving for the Brumbies, Houston will take his position in the 22 not Harris.


Maybe the waratahs are short of tackling bags or people to put the witches hats out at training?

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Harris is not the right build for a second rower and he is not physical enough or dynamic enough to be a back rower. He is not a forward at all.

If they want a centre who will crash ball over the advantage line he will do in Premier Rugby - after all he will up against the likes of Jye Mullane (remember our Patron saint of this site??? :lol: ) but in the end he won't cut the mustard with the likes of Mortlock, Giteau and co.

Funny though - failed league players like Joel Wilson, Lennie Beckett and Clint Eadie has turned up and done very well at inside centre!!!

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