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With the departure of Harris, I was concerned that we have lost a tall, wide running, ball playing backrower, but I think Adam Cuthbertson is VERY similar to him with a bit more strength like Kennedy.

He has exactly the same offload ability as both Kennedy & Harris (with a very Kennedy style).

I hope he gets a real shot in 2006. I think that is potentially why we let Harris go. We have this guy, who is also very, very good, but would be on a crap load less.

Your thoughts guys...Could he take Harris's position in 1st grade, and therefore sure up the bench?
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Sam who?????

Cuthbertson is very young and possesses great potential. It is probably very early to expect him to make the jump to dominant first grader quickly. Kane Cleal was the Parramatta gun of great potential a few years ago. Props etc generally take a few years to develop/mature. Even Beaver in his first two years was used by Bozo as a super-sub and was eased gently into the big time.

On Sam - we will miss his ball skills and creativity but not his mistake rate, silly penalties and falling off tackles regularly. I know Mata is worried that we will come to regret his leaving but I am not sure he has been worth the big contract money he was demanding.
No way he was worth the money, whatever it was. He performed like a back who looked like he should be in the forwards, and a forward who looked like he should be in the backs. Point is, he didn't do much at all on a consistent basis in any position. We can't keep talking about potential. Either he performs, or is cut. He never performed, so was cut.
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I think that is what the coaching staff are currently doing now Crusher. Look at:-

Monaghan (almost)

At least Watmough is starting to show potential BIG time. I don't want this to digress, but I think King only has one more year to show his value as well.
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I think we signed King for 2 or 3 years, so he will be around for a while yet
Good point Ryan with those players - it's looking like Club policy these days. I agree with you about King - this year to make an impact on EVERY game, not just when he feels like it, or is shown the door. It's a shame he's tied down to such a long-term contract.
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