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I don't think this move is such a bad one and I have confidence that Des would've thought it through and have a few tricks up his sleeve.
Remember when Nick Kosef slotted into 5/8 and handled himself very well.
While I will wear it if this doesn't work I'm not all that worried about him taking on Locky- it will be interesting to see Harris run at him to see how his defence holds up...
I seem to remember, although there is no doubting his ability, his defence can, at times, be quite suspect, especially when targeted by opposition teams.
Harris showed in a couple of games earlier this year (when we were travelling alot better) that he does have some handy ball skills and I am of the opinion that all the attention on his move to 5/8 will have a positive effect on how he performs (here's hoping anyway).

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Harris on his on day is very good. Pity is that it only happens about once or twice a season. He looked very good in the first 20 mins in the Tigers game, in attack anyway but went missing and returned to his normal level of mediocrity.

I am sure Des knows what he is doing. I am dying to see Alberts get some good ball and some space. I think he will be a sensation when he does.

(Sam would be pretty happy to be quoted in the same company as Nik Kosef - one of the potential greats of the game, tho injury cut short what would have been one of the best. If Harris was 1/10 as good I would be happy!)


Yes agreed Mata and while it would be a mismatch comparing the two in ability I think that Harris does have the potential to get the job done. While he has shown very little consistency (if any) I think on his day he is a more than capable player.
Like you CW I'm itching to see Alberts in action- since his first game in first grade (I think it was a TV game) when the opposition player took a dive on the ground and Alberts came through and smashed him anyway, he has got my vote for simply having a crack.

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