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Harris had a strong game today and was looking more like the Sam we saw in the first half of last year. He did the heavy work, and may have more to do (assuming that King is injured - didn't turn up for the second half or the club afterwards and that Kylie will be suspended).

King was ordinary in my view - slow to reposition, dropped off tackles (made one important one) and didn't get a lot of game time. Glenn Stewart was MOTM in Premier League and had another very solid game!
handvag had a great game and ge is doing a lot to lose that monicker
what about his run towards the end to set up the try, thats a great effort for a big man that late in the game.
I thought Harris had a solid game.
I'll probably get shot down for this but has Manly ever tried Harris at centre. I know union and league centres are different but all the same I wouldn't say he is all that slow and at the end of the game when he was basically playing as a centre he looked pretty good imparticular his offloads to his outside man.
Yeah he probably is a bit slow but- not wanting to be too negative but I'm a bit worried about Terry Hill.
I know he is in there for his voice/ experience and maybe a little defence but yesterday I noticed even before he went off injured that he is just not that up to it anymore and I hope it doesn't cost us further down the track!
Tezza no longer possesses the pace he had and he struggles to get outside his man the way he used to. However his defensive work and the impact he has on the other players is worth a lot - I would persevere.

Matai is a stop gap measure in my view - solid but doesn't offer significantly more than Tezza. Alberts is going sensationally but plays on the opposite side! Will play NRL shortly.
From all reports Alberts played the first half and killed it. He didn't play the second because of a chest unjury, but he will be right for next week.
With Hill's injury Ashley might be playing first grade against the Rorters.
I wouldn't mind seeing Beaver in the centres and Glen Stewart starting in the backrow. Our Centres have shown nothing all year.
no no no

beaver has failed everytime at centre.

we have flash coming through.

beaver is the best in the comp at his current job - leave it be

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