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This whole Burns saga has left a real sour taste in my mouth - and it's not from the Yum-Cha I just ate in Chinatown. Why doesn't the NRL introduce salary cap concessions for Clubs who have introduced a player into 1st Grade, like we have with Burns? We've developed him over the last 2 yrs, and put a lot of time and resources into him, and then the Cows just come in and swoop for him. What incentive to develop youngsters? I feel for the Dragons in these cases - they have been screwed similarly over the years. I'm pissed.
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Dont think a concession is deserved, when we apparently made him a very good offer but some bigger things were dangled in front of him.

Burns did a lot of his developing at the Sharks as well before we got him, it is just a part of the game that players move around. The only concesisons that should be made imo are for players who have put in a good 7+ years of service for a club and shown loyalty.

I dont have a big problem with the cap, sure, we lost Burns, but tbh i dont think it had a massive amount to do with the cap, and through the cap we have picked up players like Kite and Kennedy that have played massive roles in us being competitive
It's obviously a double-edged sword, since we do the same thing (ie we grabbed Kite off the Dragons). But surely the NRL wants Clubs to have strong junior bases, and not to be reliant on buying players from other Clubs. I don't see how they are encouraging this.
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if you reward juniors too much then you will forever have the teams with the biggest junior base at the top of the table.

And i for for couldnt stand to see brisbane given more power.

At most it should be something like the marquee player thing in the 50K can be spent on 2 juniors
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The broncos have tried to get that brought into the cap. So they can keeps blokes like tate, civ and hodges.

NRL said No.
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It wasn't the cash that lost Burns from what we are told, but more the opportunity for him to get the 6 regularly. I hope that the Lyon experiment works as otherwise we have made a huge blunder.

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