Sailor found guilty


Sailor just got found guilty and had his ARU contract terminated.....what do you boys think- is that his career over?
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I believe that other codes cannot step in & contract a banned player. Otherwise you would have thought the Boncos may well have thrown a lifeline for low $
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Sucked in to the loser. He plays a crap game, wirt crap players, in a competition that has to pilfer other codes for its internationals.

Leaving League - the mans game - he deserves all he gets.


48-12 (all based on penalties).


If he comes and plays for Manly...then I take that back.


Yeah I'm guessing he is goneskys ....I think it's funny he got banned for using coke when over in the UK the players would be sprinkling the stuff on the breakfast cereal :lol2: :naughty: :cop:
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im not sure there is anything official, i thought it was more of an agreement
Anyone with a contract with the ASDA (or whatever it is called now) has to agree to the ban. American Football has no agreement with any drug agency and could play him but Rugby, League anywhere in the world is out!!!

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Those Yanks are all on the gear...I'm having a mental blank but that baseballer who keeps breaking records into his forties...(Hobbs I think his name is or something like that) is on it and so would be the majority of others across the board. (obviously I'm not talking about coke here)
They have some pretty smart people on board at the 'roid factorys' - the same people who used to work for the drug detection agencys.
Each time they get a better way to detect the drugs they will just develop another roid better with a different masking's a vicous cycle which probably won't end.
Roy Hobbs was never on steroids. he was a
Barry Bonds. Now theres a slugger who is on the gear.


ha ****e it's that bloody Robert Redford movie (actually it wasn't too bad)
:blush: :lol:
Thanks Earl- yeah that's who I meant Barry Bonds
ha ****e it's that bloody Robert Redford movie (actually it wasn't too bad)
:blush: :lol:
Thanks Earl- yeah that's who I meant Barry Bonds
funny as hell.
as i was reading your post Bonds was on Eurosport news . the investigation into steriod use in still ongoing.
Have you seen the size of the guy.If he aint on steriods Jason King is a good front rower.


he is on it alright and I doubt he is the lone soldier- it just makes all the records he has broken a complete farce!
I was watching a show a while back on how the US athletics team is on the stuff as well and they were just developing a test to pick the substance up.
The drug detection agency was basically stuffed becasue all the workers they had that were any good at their job were poached by the roid companys (or whatever you call those organisations)


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Guys please edit names out of yours posts where you are laying accusations as to drug use.

Without proof you run the risk of getting yourselves in trouble
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In this case things are okay Dan. In baseball there are drugs that are banned in most sports that are legal. Nothing has been said that isn't in public domain.
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