Sad very very sad

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Over at LU they have requested that Byso remove the watermarks form his photos in the topic called cheerleaders, so byso reqested them to delete all the photos from over 153 pages in that topic, really sad that they are that concerned


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Its a real shame BE. They also banned me. Without warning.

I guess it started mid week when I posted a panorama pic in the "manly forum" in LU. Which was deleted.

It's a shame people can be so petty.

Many cheerleader pics were in the NRL forum without an issue.

The watermarks are there to protect my hard work. It's the least that should be allowed any photographer.

This is the thread that may explain the situation


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
guys thats Steve "willow" Williams for you, the man is obssessed in his little cyber kingdom.

Funny thing is LU would still be a piece of **** second string forum if Matto hadnt of paniced when bullied by ray hadley. He shut rleague down which wa at the time miles in front of LU, and all the users went to LU and Mr Williams who i have spoken to over the phone is a weasel of a man benefited.

This is the same man who tried to shaft the very successful roo crew and victimismed Diehard.

LU is gutter as far as im concerned and will be while ever Mr williams is at the helm.

Byso go check out rleague.


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
guys go to and start you cheerleaders thread there

matthew oneil is lovely bloke and im sure wil have no problems with watermarks, word will spread and people from the lu thread will come over.

trust me


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019

new cheerleaders thread


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Thanks for your support guys

I'll look into that Cliffy thanks.

I'm sure it wont take long for the LU posters to see that thread.


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I have now registered and made my first post within that thread. Thanks for the intro as well BE and Cliffy. Cheers


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
byso we;ve had some probs in the past but i know 2 things your a good fella and you are passionate about your photos, and i wont hide the fact i loave Mr williams and LU but the way he treated you was bullsh#t.

That wont happen at rleague


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We've had differences mate but we don't beat around the bush. (that's the way it should be)

But the underhanded way the situation was handled by the Manly forum Moderators was very predictable indeed. Then Willows reaction was the icing on the cake.

I can assure everyone that I certainly didn't deserve to be banned not even close. They were simply silencing the truth in my opinion.

Anyhow this "may" get sorted so I'll see what happens.


G'day all,

Thanks for the compliments CliffyGC.

I've had a look at this website and it's a very good website and keep up the good work Byso. I like the pictures and it's a great advertisement for the Manly club. I also love the old player reviews and had a read of them all. Excellent stuff.

I think your watermarks or trademarks as I call them are very lenient indeed. Most companies put them across the middle of the picture whereas you don't. So that should have been good and no issues at all. I wouldn't worry about it.


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Good to see you here MattO.

Glad you see the watermarks for what they are. Expect to see many more pics on the Rleague site.

To be honest I cant understand why a website like LU find pleasure in annoying posters who give a solid contribution to there site.


I can't comment on that site as I've never once been there. I don't know the issues but all I would be saying is that you should be having your property watermarked like other companies.

Post them up and make sure there's a link back to here.

I like the reviews on the former players and the final punchline. Nice wrap on Paul Vautin. His service to Manly as a player is often over-shadowed by his deeds for Queensland and of course his post career work with Channel Nine. Whilst some could be critical of many Queensland players who would only play for Queensland, Vautin gave equal to Manly as what he did for the Maroons in that era.


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Matto, thanks for the compliments on the site. I worked witht eh guys at LU but left on bad terms.

I will check out Rleague now as this has left a sour taste in my mouth. We all work very hard on this site, and byso is advertising where he posts his photos, which I say is fine, since everyone always loves his photos. To be honest if people dont come here to my site, I dont care thats just the way it is but Byso enjoys the exposure and loves making his photos. If sites want to use them as a draw card they should respect whatever his wishers are.

i am glad you feel the same.



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That might be it then as far as my contributions to LU's F7s comp goes then.

They're about to lose the player that came second in their competition and contributed a hell of a lot of content (that they used on their front page) in the process.


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Byso - despite our occasional differences - blood runs thicker than water.

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