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Rule changes and how they will effect manly

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by flying sea eagle, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. flying sea eagle

    flying sea eagle Active Member

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    Hey guys with the season fast approaching just sharing some of my thoughts with regards to how the rule changes surrounding the ruck will effect Manly in 2015. I don't have anywhere near the depth of knowledge as technical coach and I would be interested to hear his views on the subject as well!

    I think these rule changes will suit us down to the ground, our lighter mobile forwards such as Buhrer, Lui, JSL, Leary and to a lesser extent lawrence, Starling and Mateo will be much more effective as other sides won't be able to dominate the ruck as much! The size added by Mason and Burgess will lead to a few quick play the balls as well.

    Our fleet footed outside backs will be perfectly placed to take advantage of quick play the balls early in the set earning us valuable ground and more penalties/line breaks.

    The faster play the balls will probably lead to defence tightening up a fraction in the middle leading to more space for our world class back-line to work with.

    All in all these are positive rule changes that will help our team while hurting sides like Canterbury and Souths.

    I think we're looking good for yet another top 4 finish my feathered friends!
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    • Brookie

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