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Royal Far West

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Shells Eagles, Feb 29, 2016.

  1. Shells Eagles

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    What a wonderful initiative by the Manly club - see news item on Sea Eagles site. I am one of the members who has donated a Junior membership and after reading the article I feel so proud to be a supporter of this great club
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        Cut from MWSE

        The kids at Royal Far West in Manly received a very special visit from Sea Eagles players Jorge Taufua, Blake Leary and Isaac John last week as part of the ‘Donate a Junior Membership’ program launched last year.

        The program allowed Sea Eagles Members and supporters to donate a White Wings Junior Membership to a child under the care of Royal Far West.

        Since the program launched in December 2015, a total of 85 Junior Memberships have been donated to the non-profit organisation. Jorge, Blake and Isaac were all there to present the kids with their packs, as well as teach a few skills.

        “The generosity of our Members and fans has been overwhelming”, Blake said.

        “Donating a Membership may feel like just a small gesture, but to the kids, receiving their pack from some of us players is an unforgettable experience”.

        Royal Far West has been an integral part of the Northern Beaches community since 1924, providing support for thousands of country children who have non-acute developmental, behavioural, learning, emotional and mental health disorders, and limited access to local services.

        After seeing the smiles on the children’s faces, Jorge added “with a bit of luck, these kids will now grow up to be long-term Sea Eagles supporters'.

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