Rounds 1-5 2024


Journey Man
Highest 6th.....but likely an 8 - 11 finish imho

Let's hope closer or even to 8 (or above), hey!! Would love to be involved in finals footy again. Got a real hunger for it. Hopefully this season, they've all got together as a playing group, and agreed that enough is enough. They've agreed to make sacrifices in the season proper (drinking, good behavior, team harmony and stuff) so they can reap the rewards once the season is done.


Journey Man
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Let's hope closer or even to 8 (or above), hey!! Would love to be involved in finals footy again. Got a real hunger for it.
Hunger is not the Word feathered friend
The Word is Starvation for Manly Grand final Winning Success
2011 is a long time for all all Malnutritioned Manly Supporters

@The Wheel , Let our Coaching Caterers know that Manly people are Looking Forward to A Winning Grand Final Feast in 2024

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Not necessarily.
Last year was a rare win against them away from home. And it was a very close match.
It was one of very few highlights for us, beating Saints at the Gong was always going to be tough. To finally get that monkey of our backs was huge for us.

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Tough start but as someone said earlier in this thread better to play the better sides early before they get in the groove when upsets are more likely.

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I wonder how many games in total Broncos play at Suncorp each year and compare that to ther teams
Bronks are the NRL's favoured sons, and cash cow. They usually get the majority Friday night games home and away. It would be good to host a Bronks game at Brookie, it's been a while, 2014 I believe .


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Turbo stays injury free and our front rowers dominate like they did in the Brookie Storm game, we'll be knocking on the door for 4th posse.
More chance of winning Gold Lotto….twice. @:D
I like to start the season negatively, then if we happen to jag one of the first 5 games, it’s happy days.


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I think we'll go 1-4 (one win, four losses). Don't forget, tough games but:
  • Lodge out
  • Koula out (for one)
  • Possible fitness / return issues for Paseka, Aloiai, Lawton & Croker (who you'll notice isn't in training pics)

I'm actually more looking forward to the reaction of everyone here when it happens. I sense blow ups, abuse, the positive vs. negative debate again, excuses, the works haha.
Why is Koula out? So he won't be playing in Las Vegas?

The Wheel
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So Manly didn't try for a downgrade or something?
(Hard to imagine Souths, Roosters etc wouldn't have tried, even if a longshot.)
No idea the status - not in NRL jurisdiction so not sure if any avenues for an appeal?

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