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Journey Man
A bit off the mark with luchetti - i think hoppa would love to face off against him, and would win every time.
Hoppa is likely to be opposed to Meli (Let's hope so) and that should be a good match! Meli is not unlike Hoppa and is not an absolute flyer in the way that Rieck etc are.

There is hope yet.

hoppa has never scored 5 tries in a semi against the dogs.


Reserve Grader
Writing Luchetti and Creary in the same sentence as Hopoate is just completely off the mark. Hoppa has played for Australia in this sport, and for some reason Ryan rates Luchetti after seeing no game time from him, and yet Toovey thinks he is only good enough to be on the bench in PL.

Give Hoppa a break, if Steppa plays consistently well then think about dropping Hoppa and bringing Hicks back onto the wing, or Alberts if he lives up to Crushers expectations. But until these guys are back Hoppa is our best option, and I think you'll find that he may pleasantly surprise you all, despite none of you admitting the fact come Monday morning.

I can't see why people would see Stewart to be quiet when he is running off guys like Witt, Monaghan and potentially Hill out wide. He may compensate in defense but he will be there in attack.

Manly by 10, Brett Stewart a hat trick. :clap: :clap:


I'll admit it if Hoppa has a good game, but there is no doubt in my mind he'll make his usual stupid mistakes, give away penalties and let in atleast one try down his side.


Reserve Grader
I tend to agree with Ryan . Having watched both of Manly's trial matches , I see Hoppa's defence as a major concern. Jones & Meli will cause him plenty of problems on Sunday, If Hoppa proves me wrong ( & I hope he does ) , I will retract my words come Sunday afternoon.


Reserve Grader
Hoppa may dash out of the line and struggle to cut off 40/20's but at least he makes the tackle when he's there. In the Tigers game Hicks let in 2 tries and no one is saying to give him the flick. If Hoppa is such a major problem and only lets in 1 try a game, we are in amazingly good stead to win a lot of games. Because last year we leaked far more than that when Hoppa wasn't even in the side. I am just giving you the other side to the story, I am also sick of Hoppa's antics, but I feel that he has been taken as a scape goat along with Rad Chandall in order to spair some of the other blokes who are just as much to blame.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
did you see the saints game blunty?

Hoppa was attrocious in the first half and only went up to terrible from there.

A stronger team than the saints one we faced would carve him up


Journey Man
I've always said that Hoppa will be there, though I don't want to see him there.

He's there at the moment because there's no-one applying pressure from the lower grades for an outside backs spot.

I expect he'll play as a 7th forward againt the Polynesians which will mean someone is going to have to watch his wing like a hawk. Is he up against Meli or Byrnes? Byrne's career as a winger was wrecked by him being run down by a 30+ second rower.

The more I think of it the gladder I am that Hanbag is starting ahead of blue arsed.


Winging it
Great discussion so far. NSW TAB has the Eagles getting 5 1/2 start.

We are all experts :) so i will throw in my few cents worth.

The bookends will be a great clash. Wiki and Price against King and Kite. This is King's big shot to prove he has what it takes and he won't get a better initiation to the season. Who ever drafted the 5 year deal will be hoping he steps up.

I am a little lost by BK1 at lock when I would have thought a more mobile Menzies would be a better option. Does this mean Menzies is wasting his agility on the likes of Guttenbeil? I hope they swap during the game. Leave Beaver to clean up the base and run off BK.

The halves battle will be a beauty. No doubt that Jones is in a class of his own, however like all his team-mates he runs hot and cold.

And in the backs I don't think there is much difference between the two line ups.

I think it will be a mini war of attrition up front as each side attempts to dominate. A game where defence and lack of mistakes will be the push which means the backs won't see too much ball for a lot of the first half and possibly a lot of the game. That is why i think the scores will be low and close. I think Brett Stewart will rise up and do a number of try saving tackles and in the second half he will run on to the passes and score a try to win the game.

And I will be putting the money on Manly and hoping it isn't 12-0 to the Warriors after 12 minutes.


Journey Man
I would rather that Heckenberg starts. His workrate is crucial in the game.

But I back Hasler's judgement on this one. I guess we're looking for fireworks from Kite and King early. It's gunna be a smash up derby in the first 20 minutes I reckon.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Menzies is no longer the mobile player he use to be. He has bulked up a fair bit this year and is being made into a forward rather than the outside back he was being tested as last year.

In the Saints game he showed a distinct lack of pace where at one stage he would have streamed away for a try.

At any rate I think him starting in the number 11 isnt a bad move.

I think we are matching big guns with big guns rather than trying to be the mobile pack we have been.

Its going to be friggin awesome


Journey Man
Keep it coming.


Im getting really angry i wont be around to watch it., goona try and get it recorded for sun evening.

My thoughts on King are that he will be on the field for a short fiery burt of around 15 minutes. He will be expected to run with more monrgel than ever before. Kite has en extremely similar work rate compared to Hecks. Last year they were within 1-2% for everything execpt mistakes - Hecks won that one. Kite is bigger thats why he got the nod. I wouldnt be suprised if Harris/BK/Beaver go hard early and get a rest and Kite plays a bit of second row with a new prop coming on in. It could really hurt them late in the second with Kite, Hecks and Kylie all on together.

I expect Blue arse to get most of his game time in the second when the big warriors pack are more tired. LAst year he was his best running into holes. This may also be a reason why beaver is playing a more tradidtional 2nd rower since blue arse is the quickest.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I am just dieing to see a massive minogue hit on wiki. Should be great to see wiki go flying through the air


Capt Goodvibe
I am just dieing to see a massive minogue hit on wiki. Should be great to see wiki go flying through the air

Yep Dan....What a freak'n forward battle this is gonna be !!
I would've liked to see Kylie on the park for the first 15 to rattle the sh#t out of Price & Wiki.

Kylie/Dunnas/King in FR

Like a few other posters, Hoppa worries me...esp. against the kicking game of Stacey Jones. Lennon would have been the other wing in my, ex. defender, good hands + top kicking game.

All in all though, can't wait...hope Hoppa makes a goose of me 8o)


Journey Man
I think we all hope Hoppa makes a goose of us but unfortunatly i dont expect it.

could eb a big hits highlights package out of this one game

The Wheel
Premium Member
I put it to you all this way - Hoppa is due for a good game he hasn't had a decent game since about half way through 2003.

I hope the team is primed for a big performance.

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