Round 7 Preview: The Highs and the knights

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Round 7 Preview: The Highs and the knights

Well, well, I put my doubters in the shadows with a strong week last round. Many of you thought I wouldn’t bounce back from my humiliating 2 from the round 5. One particular punter mused “good write up, but I only see 2 in that�. Well done matey, well done.

Now, on to the footy!. This comp every week shows how good it is. There are “upsets� and there are thrashings. There is something for every fan of the game in this competition. Every supporter of every club (apart from Newcastle) should be ecstatic at what they are seeing on the park. Every game that you turn up to, you just don’t know who will win. That means that the fans are on the edge of their seats all week and all game, because a team can come from anywhere and pull out a win.
This week is no different and in my opinion is going to be the hardest to pick in a long time. I am confident I can pull out 3 wins but know there will be a lot sitting on 1 or two after the “upsets� to come.

Game 1: Eels vs Tigers
Look I really don’t know with this game. The Eels are so frighteningly inconsistent that they could surprise everyone; on the other hand they may surprise no one.
I would personally say that the biggest impact on this game will be whether or not the Tigers kiwi test player will double up for the match.

I have a feeling they won’t and that the eels will find a bit of a streak and take their second game in a row

The Tigers have shown in previous games that Marshall really does add a lot to their attack and defence and thus without him they lose the dimension needed to win games

Daniel’s Tip: Eels

Game 2: Panthers vs Cowboys

I believe this will be one of the best matches of the round. Both teams are finding some ok form and have shown that they can play this year and are both coming off of strong wins.

The Panthers got up convincingly against the rabbitohs who seem to be slipping from their early season form, into their old habits. The Panthers are also a little bit depleted from the test match with priddis and a few others unlikely to back up so close to the game.
The panthers have started to get their combinations working again after losing a few key players last year.

The cowboys are still a little depleted from injury but proved last Saturday night that this isn’t a real concern for them. They ran home comfortable winners over the Tigers in a high scoring match. Their style of football is great to watch and legends like Sing are a pleasure to watch crossing for a try. Hannay should be back this week and that should bolster their ranks even more.

Daniel’s Tip: Panther’s due to home ground advantage

Game 3: Sharks vs Broncos
The Sharks are coming off of a Bye, which this season has been a bit of a death sentence. Teams seem to be losing their momentum coming off of the bye. It has happened to the Bulldogs and Manly in recent weeks.

The Sharks have started this year extremely well and have thus far shown the best defence in the league. Can it last though. They have suffered only one defeat at the hands of the Sea Eagles, and have other wise carved a path through all before them. It also seems very hard to tip against them at home. The possible omission of Kimmorely is going to hurt these guys and they will need him to back up if they are any chance of winning, because without him they have lacked a lot in attack.

On the flip side of the coin we have the broncos who have yet to find a consistent streak this season. When they have played well they have been one of the best in the comp, annihilating some tough opposition. When in form its hard to see them losing. That said the possible omission of players like lockyer and Carrol will have a massive impact on this team as it takes a lot of sting out of their attack and a fair bit of “oomph� out of their defence.

Daniel’s Tip: It depends on who plays. If kimmorley is in, then the Sharks will come home easily. If not then the Broncos will win. However I don’t have the luxury of having a bet both ways and therefore have to go with my gut. The Broncos.

Game 4: Raiders vs Storm

Yet another tough match up. Both teams are recovering from a battering last week and the Storm have dropped dramatically after their opening few rounds. Manly took the wind out of their sails and they don’t look like they have recovered yet. Slater will be keen to get his name back on the try scorers list and boost his team to a win.
The storm are in danger of losing touch with the leaders if they lose another game. This being a club who isn’t use to not being near the top should push hard and attempt to get themselves back in the winners circle and give their season another kick start.

The Raiders have been the team to beat so far, and as with the other “teams to beat�
Manly has beaten them. In the process key players such as Smith have been injured and this could prove troublesome for them. The home crown will be baying for blood and looking for the team to bounce back strongly from their first defeat.
Often the sign of a good team is how it bounces back after its first major loss, so the Raiders will be tested this week.

Daniel’s Tip: The Storm

Game 5: Knights vs Bulldogs

The knights have suffered yet another terrible blow to their campaign. Joey Johns has suffered a broken jaw that should see him miss at least the next 6 weeks. The Knights just can not catch a beak, losing all of their games this year and struggling to keep their key players fit. They started well against the Warriors last week and led for a good part of the game, Johns and Abraham both suffered injuries which let the Warriors get themselves back in the game. They were simply too strong for the knights who are now not only lacking in the forwards but find themselves very lean in the halves too.

The Bulldogs came out strong against the Roosters on Friday night and all week the talk has been about how they cannot believe that they lost from their early 12-point lead. Both teams looked ok but not great and its hard to believe that they have fallen from their former grace so much.

I have to wonder still, there is something about the knights in this game that makes me want to tip them. I have the feeling that the Bulldogs will go into this game thinking the Knights are easy beats and that the knights will go in thinking they have something to prove and in the process take the doggies by surprise. If I were a betting man I would consider putting a few dollars on the Knights to get up…..but I am not.

Daniel’s Tip: The bulldogs, I just cant see the knights winning a game at this stage of the season.

Game 6: Sea Eagles vs Rabbitohs

This game is being touted as a danger game for the Sea Eagles, and in a way it will be. A good test of a team is to see how they face up against weaker opposition. Often teams grow complacent and think they are going in for an easy game and an easy win, this often leads to a very disheartening loss more often than not, as was witnessed by the same team against the Dragons in round 5.

The Sea Eagles are looking for their 8th win in a row at Brookvale oval this week and there is no doubt that the home ground of the Sea Eagles has returned to the fortress it once was. 17,000 roaring fans is a phenomenon that surely is enough to turn the stomachs of any opposition team, especially those not use to playing in front of so many people. The Sea eagles have worked on their defence in the of season and it shows, as they are now one of the best defensive teams in the league and have emerged as one of the teams to beat after 6 rounds of competition.
They will be hard to beat at home, as long as their heads are in the right place.

The Rabbitohs are still having a topsy-turvy season they have improved noticeably from previous seasons but not enough to truly challenge for the top spot. They have lost a specialist 5/8th due to injury and this has hurt them a lot with their attacking prowess, the main problem however is defence. They have been beaten by large margins more than once so far this season and this surely can not bode well for them against one of the best all round sides in the NRL this year.
To cover for the absence of their normal 5/8 the Rabbitohs have recalled former Sea Eagle Ben Walker to the squad. Ben Walker is one of the best attacking 5/8 around but what he lacks is a defensive stature be proud of, highlighted last season when the cowboys revealed their training technique of using a sand pit for tackling practise which they named after the known offender Walker.

This said and done, I can not see the Rabbits getting up over the Sea eagles in particular not on Sea Eagles home soil. They have the potential to win games, but I don’t think they have the potential to win this one.

Daniel’s Tip: Sea Eagles by a country mile. (See you at the game)

Game 7: Roosters vs Dragons

The Roosters finally sparked last week, they showed their ability to play, but you can never count them out against the Bulldogs. The rivalry between these teams is somewhat akin to that of Manly and Norths in years gone by. There certainly was a lot of passion in the game last Friday and this seemed to favour the Roosters who wanted the win more and wanted to get their season underway.
They ended up with a good win over the preferred bulldogs, showing that they are still able to win games and will definitely sneak back into the 8 before the season is over.
They are still suffering from poor form in all areas of the park, in particular the wing and forwards but they can still pull it together for a win here and there.

The Dragons have had only one win this year and they look they may continue to struggle throughout the season. There seems to be some kind of dissension among the ranks their hence their poor form. They looked good against the broncos and went out to a lead that they held for much of the match. The broncos managed to break through for the win in the end however and added a further dampener to the season.

The test is going to have a massive effect on this week and a lot of results hinge on whether players back up or not.

If the Roosters players can back up then the roosters will get the win, If not dragons are specials.

Daniel’s Tip: Dragons

<span class='smallblacktext'>[ Edited ]</span>
I'm in agreement with you so far Daniel . The Sharks / Bronco's match would be the toughest match of the round to pick . Especially due to the fact that this match is 24 hours after the Test Match & some players may not back up. The Tigers defeated Parra in both games last year , but after Parra's good form last week & a relatively large home crowd on hand , they should win.

I'll be heading out to Parra Stadium on Saturday with the lads from my touch footy team . We're having a team bonding session ( without the horse riding ). Most of them support either Parra or the Tigers. I'll be wearing Manly colours of some sort ( with pride ). Looking forward to Sunday at Brooky ( House Of Pain )
Wouldn't he be the only person actually alive in Parra, no one actually lives in parra
You are going to get 4 out of 7 unless you give the tips for the Manly/Bunnies, Dogs/Knights and Chooks/Puffsters games.
I still am in awe that the crown would be baying for blood.

Ive met Michael Jefferys and dont see him as that kind of person.
MB I will be doing the others but I just have to have time to do them. Most likely tommorrow
it takes a lot of time. prolly about 2 hours work there. I just do them periodically which is why some of them seem a little disjointed. its more important for me to get something out than to get it out fantastically perfect
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5 3 2 38 6
6 3 3 37 6
5 3 2 21 6
4 2 2 -3 6
5 2 3 2 4
5 2 3 -5 4
6 2 4 -5 4
5 2 3 -20 4
5 2 3 -48 4
4 0 4 -85 2
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