Round 4 preview: its not getting any easier

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Kim Jong Dan
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Last Round was difficult to pick and I only managed 4 out of 7 games, still the form isn't terrible.

This week is another tough one mainly becauseof some of the surprises that popped up last week such as the Tigers.
This ones up for dispute and opinions so let me know

Game 1: Eels vs Panthers

The Eels are yet to impress this season. They have all the players that are needed for a successful football team, their halves could use some work but overall they are still one of the strongest teams on paper, and its only a matter of time until they find form.

In much the same way the Panther have been far from convincing and have struggled to recapture the blazing form of the past 2 seasons.
Each team has only managed 1 win out of 3 appearances, which translates to a good on field battle.
The Panthers managed a win over the struggling Dragons on the weekend and did so by only 10 points, although the Dragons are a team that always manage to surprise you in attack and defense.
The Eels lost a Sharks team that were licking their wounds after a drubbing by the Mighty Sea Eagles and this probably had a lot to do with the win.

This is definitely a tough one that could go either way. The panthers are a better team who have had longer to gel together. But this week I am going with my gut. I think the Eels will get up.

Daniel’s Tip: Eels in a match where the score will sway back and forth

Game 2: Storm vs Broncos

Despite the defeat at the hands of the competition leaders, the Storm still appeared a very strong outfit. They showed that you can never underestimate the combination of Orford and Slater, this combination is resulting in 1 try per game at the moment and it seems hard to stop. You leave orford alone to mark Slater and Orford carves you up, you mark orford and leave Slater and Slater carves you up.

Brisbane are coming out of a dominating game against the Roosters, they controlled one of the best NRL outfits in a long time and managed to put 40 points on the board. They have shown that age shall not weary their forwards, and that their young backline has the power and speed to impress. Broncos have impressed me greatly this year and have stamped their name on the competition.

The key to beating Melbourne is quick moving defense and a strong showing by the forwards. If your forwards can rush up and limit the options of orford then they will come through the game with a win. Melbournes defense at times looked disjointed, tired and disorganised against the Sea Eagles and this will cost them against the likes of Lockyer.

Melbourne will likely go into the game with a strategy for a strong kicking game. It is now well known that whilst Hunt is a great running attacking player he is very weak under the high ball and at times looks pedestrian and lazy in defense.

If Melbourne match the forward battle and win the kicking game they will cement their spot as Competition contenders.

Daniel’s Tip: Storm in a hard fought battle. The older forwards of the broncos just wont have the petrol against the faster and fitter Melbourne outfit.

Game 3: Cowboys vs Knights

The Knights have nothing………
Both Gidley and Johns have been named in the side. Big deal I say. Joey is a good 4 or more matches from finding anything resembling form.
The cowboys are starting to hit their straps again and have come up with 2 good wins in a row.

Daniel’s Tip: Cowboys easily

Game 4: Raiders vs Dragons

The Raiders are coming off a strong win over Souths, but I feel that the interchange referee had a lot to do with this. Had the referring stayed as it was early in the game the Rabbits would have bounced all over the Raiders.

The Raiders are sitting pretty in equal first thanks to a round 1 bye and have yet to convince me that they have the goods to carry on the season in a competitive way. I have been saying this for the last 2 rounds but the Dragons are due a win. The return of barret should spur them on and I would love to see manly as the only team sitting on top of the table.
This game could go either way, I am hesitant to tip the Raiders which means my gut is pointing to the Dragons. Home Ground advantage will win this one

Daniel’s Tip: Raiders due to home game, but the Dragons could get up for the upset

Game 5: Warriors vs Souths

Both teams have thus far presented us with mixed form. Both winning some games convincingly and losing games that by rights they should have won.
This will be a tough game. The Warriors have shown they have the ability and power to compete this year but look like they are struggling to find their feet again after last year. It is only a matter of time however.

The Rabbitohs have greatly improved since last year adding some older more experienced players with the flare of some youngsters. Macdougalls suspension after a high hit on withers will hit Souths hard. They have to fill in the back with a younger more inexperienced player, likely bell who is far from a heavy weight in size.

The Warriors are playing at home but this hasn’t always been choice for them ay bro!.

Daniel’s Tip: Warriors cleanly

Game 6: Sharks vs Bulldogs
The bulldogs lost to the out form tigers in a spectacular field goal by the tigers on Sunday and this would have hit them hard.
The sharks on the other hand bounced back from a humiliation by the Sea Eagles in round 2 to chalk up a convincing win. It just goes to show how important kimmorely is to the team.
The Bulldogs will be looking to reassert themselves as competition powerhouses and restore the form that has kept them in the top for in the past few seasons. They have a great line up and Anasta showed out standing form last week in a just beaten team.

This could go either way but the Bulldogs are a better team on paper and on the field, they will highlight the defensive weaknesses of the sharks.

Daniel’s Tip: Bulldogs by 15+

Game 7: Roosters vs Tigers
Everyone site down. The Tigers won last week, they beat the premiers from last year and showed grit and determination. For the first time this season the Tigers showed us how to score point, but they also showed us how to let in points, I still think they are genuine spoon contenders and have yet to see anything that would prove otherwise.

The Roosters were outplayed by a much better Broncos outfit. The Roosters looked uninterested in an arm wrestle of a game that only blew out in the dieing quarter of the game.
The performance prompted coach Ricky Stewart to drop half back Firman to Premier league and shift Finch into his more natural number 7 jersey and Wing slips into 5/8. If the Roosters want to maintain their hold on the competition they need to stand up and be counted. Their outside backs looked a shambles and key signings such as Monaghan surprisingly looked like a premier league player. Roosters have always suffered from weak defense by their wingers and this seems to be the case again. Still players like Cross, Wing and Fitzgibbon always have the ability to impress.

Again I am not leaning either way in this match as either could win, but the roosters are simply a better team.

Daniel’s Tip: Roosters by 10..

The Manly Sea Eagles get the Bye this week ensuring 2 weeks of them perched on top of the table. The team has yet to receive the acclaim they so richly deserve but the underdog status suits a team on the mend.
Although this round isn’t as close as Round 3 it was rather hard to come up with a convincing story either way so I am sure this will be my worst performing round thus far.


First Grader
On fire I know why you havent been posting as much today.

I may have to use these tips you've done alright so far.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
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yeah it took a while to write.

Ive been more working n the transfer though


Journey Man
he went ok one week and takes the credit and runs with it.

if 4/7 works for you then go for it.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
no it wont, but I am not suggesting you tip with my previews they are their for information only and you may follow them or not. I have tipped with my previews at work and am sitting on 30 points (1 or 2 devations).

so they actually will challenge especially where I am sitting on point in the tipping comp.

Remember the tipping comp is judged on points not on your alphabetical name, that just helps arange the places more neatly


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
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lol i know I am just unbder stress at the moment trying to arrange the server move


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Quietly I am not that confident about my preview this round


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
I am blushing thanks MB.

Took most of my lunch break to write

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