Round 3 preview

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Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Round 3 Preview:
Shaping up as an extremely difficult round to tip I will attempt to dissect each game and hopefully assist you with your tips.

Game 1: Rooster vs Brisbane

For some reason this snore fest has been picked for match of the round and we have to endure it on Friday night after our yearly fish and chips.
Roosters had a solid performance last week showing they are still a very very strong team even without their first choice halfback and showing that Freddy wasn’t the whole team.
Brisbane on the other hand are still struggling with their number 7 and have not been able to find a suitable replacement since Alfie left years ago.
They lost to the Warriors in an ok but not good performance. However that said I have a gut feeling that Brisbane will come out on top in this one and hand the Roosters their first defeat of the season.

Daniel’s Tip: Roosters to put in a strong performance but lose by 6+

Game 2: Panthers vs Dragons
The Dragons have shown that without their names they don’t really have a whole lot to offer. Their defense looks disjointed and clumsy whilst their attack is lacking what Trent Barrett, who could be back this week, brings to the game.
The Panthers put in enough last week and look like they are struggling to find form but have shown enough that they should get up this week. Although this game could go either way simply because the Dragons have something to prove.

Daniel Tip: Panthers by 10+

Game 3: Eels vs Sharks
This game is going to be full of meows and cat fights.
The sharks suffered terribly without Noddy and Nutley. Noddy will be back this week but will it be enough. They have it in pack weight over the Eels by not by much.
As I said in my round 2 wrap up the Eels have shown that even with all the money in world you cant buy a good team. There is no cohesion and the team simply doesn’t seem like they want to show up, grit their teeth and get on with the job.
They were beaten in the trials by a second string sharks and after the drubbing the sharks got last week you would think that they will get up against the Eels just to prove they have something.
However I think the Eels are due for a win.

It is going to be an ugly game full of errors and scrappy play.

Daniel’s tip: Eels by 10+

Game 4:Warriors vs Cowboys

Both teams are coming off very solid wins in round 2 and a loss the week before. This makes it exceedingly tough to pick a winner for this so we can only really go with a guess rather than a solid pick here.
The cowboys have lost Norton for 3 months which will hurt their cause a lot. The Cowboys and the Warriors were very convincing in their wins, I think the Warriors are a team on their way up whilst the cowboys are still running on luck for mine.

Daniel’s Tip: Warriors in a tight one, 2 points in it.

Game 5: Sea Eagles vs Storm

Last weeks 14,000 + crowd should increase this week and help turn Brooky oval back into a fortress. Both teams have proven they are the form teams to beat, and this top of the table competition won’t disappoint.
It has been a tumultuous week for the mighty Sea Eagles after the loss of John Hopoate but the team demonstrated that even when they are down a player, not only can they compete but they can also hand out a hiding.
The Storm are missing Chan but with a solid and fast backline mixed with the best halves combination in the competition they will be a difficult task for the Sea Eagles. However the Storm are yet to come up against any quality competition and this is their first challenge.

The Sea Eagles have proven their worth and as long as Hill and the other normal starting line up stay fit and play then the loss of hoppa should inspire the team to a win, a tough win but a win none the less.

Daniel’s Tip: Manly in a tight one 6+ in it.

Game 6: Bulldogs vs Tigers
Without a doubt the Tigers are true contenders for the Wooden spoon. They offer very little all over the field. Benji Marshall is hailed as their savior, however pinning your hopes on one player shows that your team doesn’t have enough to compete all over the park.

The Bulldogs were convincingly beaten by the Cowboys last week and they will be looking to get back into the winners circle.

If there is going to be an upset this round, this is it. But its very unlikely.

Daniel’s Tip: Bulldogs by 15+ (If you want to make yourself a buck then tip the Tigers, but its by no means a safe bet)

Game 7: Souths vs Raiders
Yet another tough one this round and there is no way to say this without everyone doing a double take, but the Souths actually looked good last week in their match.
The Raiders also were convincing winners. There isn’t a whole lot you can say. On paper Souths are a better team but its hard to believe they are actually any good. The Raiders are shocking on paper but handed out a hiding last week.
Its going to be a tough match and if Mac.junior is firing then he could change the game but for mine its just too hard to tip Souths even though I called the upset last week. This week I believe that Raiders will get away with a win.

Daniel’s Tip: Raiders by 6.

I realise this is not as comprehensive as last weeks but its open for discussion and opinions.
Expecting a good weekend of footy this week and I suggest everyone book some footy time in front of the TV.


Journey Man
Nice write up

Your right - theres only the one certainty - dogs over tiges.

My bet of the week is bet on the dogs 14+ - i think it will be closer to 40+


Journey Man
byso he doesnt neccesarily tip as per his preview - last week his preview did better than his tips


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
fluffy thats right. there is oe or two i will probavly tip differently


Journey Man
of course im right

when im right im right and me im always right

Sorry watched spaceballs last night


Deadset we all know you are going to pick the Sharks. You pretty much talk about how they should win, then somehow turn it into an Eels victory.

Good preview though. I won't follow it though, I want to be a chance this year.


Winging it
Great write up Daniel with solid thoughts on strengths. A lot of luck in some close contests and definitely a tough round.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
Volley I actually did tip the Eels in my tips.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
The games I am still thinking about are Warriors vs Cowboys and Roosters vs Brisbane but will probably stay with my tips above this round

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