Round 3 Nrl Team V Sharks


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Sea Eagles
1 Tom Trbojevic (Mona Vale Raiders)
2 Jorge Taufua (Toongabbie Tigers)
3 Jamie Lyon (c) (Wee Waa Panthers)
4 Steve Matai (Richmond Bulldogs)
5 Brayden Wiliame (Woy Woy)
6 Dylan Walker (Mascot Jets)
7 Daly Cherry-Evans (Mackay Brothers)
8 Josh Starling (Helensburgh Tigers)
9 Apisai Koroisau (Berala Bears)
10 Nate Myles (Southern Suburbs)
11 Lewis Brown (Riccarton)
12 Martin Taupau (Padstow Panthers)
13 Jake Trbojevic (Mona Vale Raiders)

14 Matt Parcell (Fassifern Bombers)
15 Nathan Green (Renown United)
16 Brenton Lawrence (Central Districts)
17 Siosaia Vave (Mount Druitt Tigers)


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What is Joe Kelly's E-mail address? Or one of those pricks, the Penns? Can someone please help me here?


Is TB serious? I can not believe it, we are almost a certainty now of getting absolutely flogged by Cronulla.

Green and Wiliame must go, no question about it. I cringed each time Wiliame went near the ball last night. Lyon was not even confident enough to pass the ball to him when it could have led to a try, so that really says something. Koroisau is just not first grade material and so all we need is just one hooker and that is Parcell. And Myles is useless, has been for a long time but people with blinkers have been talking him up but it is obvious. What about Leary, Symonds or Mateo?

Barrett/(Bozo) is doing himself no favours and I am speechless, most of this team selection is just deplorable.


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To be fair (and ready for the incoming....)
1. It is less than 24 hours after the game so who knows what the line up will be
2. Reserve grade got lapped on the weekend as it is not like there is a heap of pressure on the players

Hopefully there will be tweaks before the side runs out

Mark from Brisbane

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I'm guessing they just trot out the same side given the short notice BUT if there are no changes fair dinkum we should do a few banners for the night letting them know how we really feel.

IF ( and yes a big if) they trot out this same side and get walloped by 20-30, then our 2016 is shot totally, the only thing that will save us the spoon is I think ( and only think) we can beat Newcastle.

If Barrett is going to graduate from wanna be to learner he cannot just keep trotting out the same side with the same game plan week after week.

Their confidence is shot now , run this same side out next Monday and it clearly shows that our big brand new multi million dollar football department are totally ****ing clueless.

Remember ZtH and co " it's a results driven business ".


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Seriously Barrett could not see the weakness in that line up compared to us armchair critics
We are used to seeing winning teams and know what they look like. That current manly lineup looks fine to Trev Bartlett because it stands up ok against the st merge teams of the 2000s

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