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Round 13 Preview:

5 again last week. That is an average I can deal with. The competition is still close but there are some teams starting to emerge from the depths to stand up and be noticed. There are others who are still not getting the recognition they deserve as well.

Game 1: Rooster vs Sea Eagles

The Roosters have had a run of easy games over the last few weeks and have managed to claw their way back into contention. Usually the teams that manage this do well because they have secured a fighting spirit. However injury still plagues them as well as the lack of a true quality halves combination.
Finch may be carrying an injury into this game, which will slow him a little and may well be the demise of the Roosters.

The Sea Eagles had their best ever comeback victory last Sunday and showed amazing guts and stamina under pressure. Turning a 26-6 deficit into a 36 � 6 victory.

They truly are starting to show they are true contenders but need to start winning Friday Night games to really prove their worth. In many peoples eyes a victory in this game will prove them to many, the Roosters have been a mighty foe over the past years and a win against them will strengthen the fan base and their belief in the team

Daniel’s Tip: Sea Eagles out of shear want!

Game 2: Cowboys vs Sharks

This should be a great game both teams are in red hot form. The Sharks have the best defence in the league and their attack is equally as flash.

The Cowboys absolutely hammered the Bulldogs last week and will be looking to ride this success into the game and start rebuilding their home ground fortress.

Daniel’s Tip: Cowboys

Game 3: Bulldogs vs Rabbitohs

The Rabbitohs are in a sorry state this year and have not done a lot since rejoining the league a few years back. They tend to buy 1 or 2 big names but fail to build the right team around them. This year is no difference.

The Bulldogs for is up and down but for them not to beat the Rabbitohs would be an embracement they may not recover from. The return of SBW will also boost their stocks

Daniel’s Tip: Bulldogs

Game 4: Dragons vs Wariors

The Once were Warriors have been struck a heavy blow with the loss of their captain to a leg injury. This will have some effect on the team but they should still compete well in this game.

In my eyes the Dragons are the better team and are true grand final contenders. No one disputes that their outside backs are the best in the game and can stand up to any competition. Their forwards are also very strong and all around are a great football team.

Daniel’s Tip: Dragons

Game 5: West Tigers vs Storm

The Tigers are another team that continue to go close but at the end of the day fail to finish off. They are still strong contenders but I feel they will fall just short of the finals this year as they are starting to slip whilst other teams are starting to gather momentum.

The Storm are again having a differentiating year but have looked strong in just about every game they have played. Their strong win last week should see them continue on this week and beat the West Tigers in their heartland at Leichhardt Oval.

Daniel’s Tip: Storm

Game 6: Knights vs Broncos

The knights have come within 4 points of a victory in most of their games over the past 6 weeks but they are failing to complete the win and failing to pip the other teams at the post. Joey Johns is looking good to make a return and hopefully for the Knight find some form. If he starts to fire it is likely the rest of the team around him will also start to lift.

Broncos are on fire no doubt and they should have little trouble accounting for the hapless Knights.

Daniel’s Tip: Broncos

Game 7: Panthers vs Eels

The Eels are just starting to come into their own and I feel they are going to continue this run and move a long way up the table. They do have a very very good team n paper and it was just a matter of time until they fired and became the team they are starting to appear as.

The Panthers some how dropped a 20 point lead to be defeated by 10 points on Sunday. They just can not pay 80 minutes of football and this is causing them to lose games late in the game.
Their home crowd will likely have dropped after last week and the lack of support will prevent Panthers Park from being any real advantage for the home team.

Daniel’s Tip: Eels.

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We only differ in 1 game - I have the Panther fired up for a big victory at home after last weeks devasting loss to us!


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My brother in law gave me 18.5 start on the Kinghts against the Broncos. I reckon the Knights will win. A huge call I know but I reckon they will come good this week.

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