Rooters supporters and Anasta

Geez, I was pretty impressed with the number of Manly fans at the game yesterday. We made a helluva lot more noise then their fans I reckon. Of the 11,000, we must have made up over 4,000 I reckon. You could tell the players appreciated it too. As for Anasta - what a joke of a player. He does ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. How much is he on, 400k? He gets that on reputation alone. He was good behind a dominant Bulldogs pack, but so would anybody. Most overrated and overpaid player in the game for sure. Craig Wing is a shell of his former self too. You can thank Gould, Murray and Stuart for that - they've made him tackle himself to death over the years. He should never have been a hooker. Stewart was a mile better than Minichello as well.


not that i really care, but i think Anasta is a good lock playing out of position.

I think he is one of those players who play well in a good team, hes not an individual who will win it for you on his own.


I don't think Stewart was that much better than Minichiello.

I give Stewart only 1 try for yesterday as his attempted tackle for the roosters try was a little embarrassing.

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Minichiello didn't do any better for a couple of our tries.

However I believe that his back is only 50/50 and will be like that for life so good on him for having a go.

Roosters look like a team that when they click could be quite useful, but that will probably be in 2011. :lol:


mini looked pretty dangerous everytime he carried the ball. i loved burns' tackle on him in the first half on the 10 metre line. pure gold. the nickname "texas terrier" is pretty apt.

by the way, the fans in the away section gave a great account of themselves. the manly chant after watmough's try was something to savour. watching the replay on fox when i got back home we sounded as loud if not louder than the rooters fans throughout the match (maybe there was a microphone right near us).

i'm sunburnt, i've lost my voice, but i have a spring in my step. THANK GOD IT IS FOOTY SEASON AGAIN!
That was a GREAT tackle Mike D. How crap is the Rooters pack? Beattie, Fitz and Nuts are too old, and the rest are hacks. It's great being on top of the ladder! Well done boyz!
Beattie and Nutley -- they need walking sticks.

Fair enough adding some old hard experience, but you do that by signing Steve Price, Kennedy etc -- not some **** geriatric.

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I loved the fact Manly got a standing ovation after every try in the 2nd hald when they came back for the kick off. The rooster fans must have been spewing listening to that at their home ground. I must admit their seemd a lot more Manly jumpers at the ground than roosters.

I wonder how our old friend from OEE is going - The Mad Chook.


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Mini let in two tries easily. Wing seemed just not interested. I wouldn't be surprised if he angles for a union contract soon. The most damaging forward was Fitz. Other than him the roosters pack was weak. I posted last week that Miles was fluff this year and it showed. They had nothing in the second half. I don't hold that Stewart was responsible for the Roosters try. Who threw the pass that gave them the ball with a couple of minutes to go in the first half? That was the problem. Anyway a win, which is always good, especially against a teeam trying to get their 1000 win. Also I was shocked at the paucity of roosters support. We were louder and more demonstrative all day. Perhaps their natural crowd lost heart at the Waratahs game the night before.

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