Roosters Crowd on Brookie Hill

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Journey Man
You better remind these degenerates of their age before they start up with the usual round of suggestive comments.


Kim Jong Dan
Staff member
Tipping Member
and the relation to the one holding the sign!
Cute kids CW (even the one in the front with the shockingly bad taste) I take it your daughter is holding the sign. Looks like you will be joining me in getting your gun licence in the next couple of years :lol:


Journey Man
She's the youngest.

Dave is very adept at hitting the ballseye after lots of practise with the older two.


First Grader
She's the youngest.

Dave is very adept at hitting the ballseye after lots of practise with the older two.

I thought that was a typo till I read it again :clap: :clap:
Our 16 year old neice has come to live with us so I better hurry. Would like the first boyfriend who comes a calling to be introduced to me as I casualy clean my shotty at the kitchen table.


Make Manly Great Again #Hasler2019
Saturday with the younger Manly fans on the hill. (13 year old girls for the degenerates amongst us!!!)

A bit blurry but it was a great night - one of the best at Brookie for a long



(If I knew how to put more up I would - not in the class of Byso I am sorry!)
wat are u talking about CW are the degenerates who post here

far out im shocked :dance:

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