Rogers to join titans next year, Turner back to Storm

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Gold Coast Titans are ready to pounce on Mat Rogers, with the Australian Rugby Union expected to release the star back from the final year of his contract as early as today.

The move should end a painful off-season for Melbourne Storm wing Steve Turner as the Titans look to free funds to fit Rogers under the salary cap.

The ARU confirmed yesterday that Rogers would meet New South Wales coach Ewen McKenzie at NSW headquarters today.

The dual international is expected to convey to McKenzie that he no longer wants to play rugby.

Rogers will then meet ARU officials tomorrow and ask to be released from the final year of his contract on compassionate grounds.

ARU boss Gary Flowers said yesterday that Rogers had a case for being granted a release.

"The ARU wants players who pull on the Wallabies jersey to wear it with pride and respect," he said.

"There are a number of factors that might not allow Mat Rogers to do that, but I can not comment on what they are."

Gold Coast boss Michael Searle said the Titans would offer Rogers a contract if the ARU released him.

"Obviously Mat will be with us in 2008," he said.

"It would make sense to have him here for 2007 too. We will sit down and talk to him if he is released."

Turner's manager, David Riolo, hopes a Rogers move to the Gold Coast will end the tug of war over his client.

"It would make sense for them to release Steve if they sign Mat," he said.

Spuds Bodyguard

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i am not for one minute suggesting that his brothers suicide attempt was done to get him out of his Walabies contract but it has made it pretty hard for the ARU to play hard ball with him and drag it further through the media when clearly he has plenty of personal issues. My gut feeling is that it is a done deal

Chip and Chase

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Looks like Rogers is a done deal, and fair enough too, don't want someone playing for the Wallabies unless they are 100% committed, we are going to have a tough year as it is without carrying passengers. But doesn't sound like Turner is off the hook yet, however they are probably just making him sweat. Although if he chooses to sit out rather than play than I assume it wouldn't cost the Titans any money. Turner should turn around now and say he wants to play, they will probably back down so they can free up the money for Rogers.

[On another matter I'd be surprised if the Waratahs are considering Beale for fly half straight up. I'd have thought Halangahu or even Sam Two-Dads would have got first stab]

Rogers release moves closer
By Jim Morton
December 12, 2006 MAT Rogers' early release date from rugby back to rugby league is set down for Thursday.

Rogers, desperate to return to league, will meet with NSW Waratahs officials tomorrow before making final contractual arrangements with the Australian Rugby Union the following day.

The ARU will tomorrow announce Thursday's three-cornered midday meeting with Rogers and the NSWRU to be followed by a media conference.

Gold Coast Titans are poised to swoop on the disgruntled Wallabies utility once an expected announcement is made public.

Rogers today made his first contact with the ARU since the national body gave him a week to consider his future after reports broke he wanted to return to league.

An ARU spokesman confirmed the ARU was looking for a quick resolution after the 45-Test back last week asked for a release from his $500,000-a-season deal.

"As it's all been played out in the media there's probably no big surprise where it will end,'' he said.
As the Waratahs are not expected to stand in Rogers way, if he maintains his desire for a premature second code switch, the Titans have readied themselves to have their prized 2008 recruit on the tourist strip a year earlier.

"Yes, we want him and, yes, he will be a fantastic addition to our squad but his contractual arrangements with the ARU and NSW Rugby Union need to be clarified before we can make any moves at all,'' said Titans boss Michael Searle.

"It will be safe to say we'll be contacting him as soon as he's released, if that's what happens.''

Searle says there's enough room to squeeze the dual international into the salary cap but the Titans will not free up funds by allowing Storm signing Steve Turner to remain with Melbourne.

It's seen as two separate issues by the fledgling league club and Searle is continuing attempts to resolve Turner's non-compliance with Storm.

A high-level ARU source today said Rogers' return to league was as much about money as family reasons and had been made easier through payments from a third party sponsor.

Rogers' older brother Don was today reportedly released from hospital after a drug overdose last week.

While the Rugby Union Players Association and some rugby heavyweights want to see the 30-year-old play out his contract, former Wallabies coach Eddie Jones indicated the ARU shouldn't have hesitated in releasing him immediately.

"If a player is vacillating about his intentions then we should be decisive,'' Jones said.

"I don't think we should be desperate to hang on to players if they don't want to be here. Let's be strong enough in the belief we can maintain our game.''

Jones, who ushered Rogers into the Test team in 2002 and played him at five-eighth with success in the 2005 European tour, felt the utility wouldn't be effective at the 2007 World Cup.

"It's very difficult if his mind is somewhere else and I think that showed in the games that he played on the (recent European) tour,'' he said.

Even if a hungry Rogers remains in the code, Jones said incumbent playmaker Stephen Larkham would receive more pressure from a host of young guns led by Queensland fly half Berrick Barnes.

Reds coach Jones has huge wraps on Barnes' understudy Quade Cooper, whom he rates as good as fellow schoolboy sensation Kurtley Beale, who now has the inside running to wear NSW's No.10 jersey.

"I think Beale will start (for NSW) and I'll be very surprised if Quade isn't competing very hard with Berrick,'' he said.


I'd go Beale...I've watched him playing for Joeys (great school mind you) a few times and the guy is a freak- I think he would handle it, he is a very level headed bloke!


First Grader
Beale for mine. Seen him play, the kid is special.

Was thinking size may be a problem but he weighs 89kg now and expects to be a few Kgs heavier come kick off for S14.

Canteen Worker

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I haver seen Beale play since 14 - even coached a side that drew with his 14 all!!! He is a special talent but to think that he can make the jump straight to Super 12 from Schoolboys is pretty fanciful.

Daniel Halangahu was just as dominant (in a different way) for both Kings and Australian Schools and has heaps of potential as well. Beale is a special talent but I can't see him getting Rogers spot at his age.


First Grader
There have been a few players that have gone straight from school into S12 rugby, Lyons is one of them. Beale is one of those kids that has the ability imo. However McKenzie will have him on the bench unless he rips teams apart in the trial games.


difference is CW- Beale went to Joeys where they breed them tough- Kings are a bunch of poofs- just look at their uniform....he he he


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Mark Ella spoke about Beale at our forum. He labelled him as the most exciting aboriginal prosepct he has seen even comparing him to himself and his brothers saying that he makes them look ordinary.


nope- he has no ego and it won't go to his head he's a natural.
I've spoken to a few of his teachers, coaches and peers and they all say the same.
Going to the school he went to meant it would be pretty hard to develop an ego as he would be shot down immediately!


Journey Man
Rod Kafer was up here recently and also waxed lyrical about Beale. He also said the bloke has been closely mentored by the Ellas and several other high profile indigenous Australians and that he has a very mature head on his shoulders.

The ARU have invested a lot in him already. And PJs right - at least he's not one of those pampered Anglicans!

Chip and Chase

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Well given the wraps he is getting here, I look forward to seeing him go round. Still don't think he will get first crack, but if the Tahs have a shaky start than he sounds like a definite chance. I hope he lives up to the hype, the Wobblies need a post Bernie Fly Half.

How good would it be to have another Ella like No. 10

Canteen Worker

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Beale is nothing like Ella - he is lightnining fast and reads the play well, has silky hands and is instinctive. I think I have just contradicted myself as all this is a lot like Ella except the lightning fast bit. Interesting to see what he is like in defence!!!

Chip and Chase

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I think I have just contradicted myself as all this is a lot like Ella except the lightning fast bit.


Ella was deceptive with his pace, bit like Lloyd Walker as well, didn't look quick but managed to get into space.

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