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Robbo or Oldfield?

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by chrisos, Jun 17, 2011.

  1. chrisos

    chrisos Active Member

    +50 /19
    Just want your guys thoughts on who should replace the injured Hoppa on the wing ,personally i'd like Robbo,but wouldn't be disappointed if Des went for Oldie,i'm pretty confident Des will choose Robbo over Oldie though.Glad that lately Des has thrown some caution to the wind and picking juniours,where in the past he seemed reluctant to take the gamble on juniours and stick solid with his usual team rather than taking a little more of a "risk" so to speak and good on him,it has paid off and i'm stoked with this that it has worked out so well. Our juniour blokes are all playing great,so hats off to Des for this,but Robbo or Oldfield?Our depth at the club at the moment is brilliant and although having Hoppa out sux,it (for now at least) takes away the headache of who we choose or drop out when everyone is fully fit.Im not too worried because of the fact we have great depth to cover.What do you guys think.

    QUOTE FROM MANLY DAILY ONLINE:Robertson is on the comeback trail after missing Manly’s past three games with a knee injury.

    “He will have a fitness test in he next couple of days,” Hasler said of Robertson.
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    • Wolfpack

      Wolfpack Well-Known Member

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      If fit, Robbo. He is a sensational player & one of the best in the league at his position.

      I'm a big Oldfield fan & I think he'll be a brilliant player for us in the near future but for now it's Robbo's spot.

      Besides, we won a GF 40-0 with Robbo & the Wookie on our wings, they can't be that bad right? ;)
    • SwornEagle

      SwornEagle Well-Known Member

      +181 /3
    • The Eagle

      The Eagle Well-Known Member

      +480 /0
      Robbo by a country mile,he'd have saved that try
    • Cameron

      Cameron Cambo Premium Member

      +662 /35
      Michael oldfield ain't what used to be, ain't what he used to be :)
      He he love that song
    • Frank

      Frank Well-Known Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

      +1,171 /26
      Oldfiled for mine. Lucky my vote is worth 20 - with more proxies to come!
    • Stevo

      Stevo Well-Known Member

      +1,354 /52
      Consider this. Des was reluctant to pick the young blokes because no one was ready?
    • bones

      bones Bones Knows Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

      +9,036 /102
      Happy with either one. Glad it's not my choice to make.
    • Ryan

      Ryan Well-Known Member

      +6,261 /299
      Whilst we have been playing really, really well, I believe Robbo out takes that catch under the high ball certainty out for us on attack.

      He's just one of the most reliable, fantastic wingers to have laced a boot for Manly.
    • Brookvale

      Brookvale Well-Known Member

      +152 /1
    • bob dylan

      bob dylan Well-Known Member Premium Member 2016 Tipping Competitor

      +4,441 /130
    • torana355

      torana355 Well-Known Member Premium Member

      +1,491 /27
      Robbo, his defense will be needed.
    • Masked Eagle

      Masked Eagle Well-Known Member

      +976 /0
      Robbo, but I wouldn't play him unless he was 100%. If another week will make a big difference to him then let him rest. Oldfield won't let anyone down.

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