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Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Berkeley_Eagle, Nov 10, 2006.

  1. Berkeley_Eagle

    Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

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    Home to Tigertown

    By Dean Ritchie

    November 10, 2006
    Article from: The Daily Telegraph

    HE is as Balmain as Dawn Fraser and after a three year hiatus at Manly, Steve "Blocker" Roach now wants to follow his heart home to the Tigers.

    Former NSW and Test prop Roach has quit as Manly's assistant coach and is holding talks with coach Tim Sheens about joining the Wests Tigers coaching staff next season.

    Manly players yesterday expressed disappointment Roach is no longer at the club alongside head coach Des Hasler.

    "Manly was a great experience for me," Roach told The Daily Telegraph.

    "They gave me a go when no-one else would.

    "I've been there three years and love the joint and their set-up.

    "But at the end of the day, it was time to move on.

    "My heart has always been with the Tigers.

    "I've been having talks with 'Sheensy' so we'll see what happens."

    Roach has predominantly helped Manly's forwards and the club's defence – the club having contested the last two finals series.

    He wants to work with the Tigers and retain his position calling NRL matches with Ray Hadley on 2GB's Continous Call Team.

    "Hopefully I have passed a bit on to the players at Manly," Roach said.

    "My job was to toss-up some different ideas from left-field and I felt I've done that for Des.

    "It's always tough too for someone to be at a club coaching when he can't make it on game day (because of 2GB) and I fully understand that. But I'd like to think I've got some one-on-one skills and at the end of the day I love the game."

    Roach denied he wanted to eventually become an NRL head coach.

    "It's too time consuming," Roach said.

    "I love working with 2GB and my number one priority is working with them, going to the games and calling the footy."

    Roach led a brilliant yet at times turbulent career with Balmain – his memorable moments etched in rugby league folklore.

    He was controversially dragged from the field during the 1989 grand final by coach Warren Ryan – a decision which handed Canberra a dramatic 19-14 extra-time win.

    Roach missed the 1988 grand final through suspension and ran into trouble in 1990 for tapping referee Eddie Ward on the head after being sin-binned, ending in a four week suspension and a $5000 fine.

    He retired on an emotional afternoon in 1992 at Leichhardt Oval.

    Roach has three talented sporting sons – Daniel is a member of the NSW Waratahs squad, Liam has signed with the Tigers in league with 16-year-old Aidan in Australia's under 19s water polo team.

    Wests Tigers hooker Robbie Farah last night urged his club to sign Roach.

    "I've never worked with 'Blocker' but he is a club legend going way back," Farah said.

    "'Blocker' will bring passion with him because he was a champion from those great Tigers teams of the 1980s.

    "He has done well with Manly and he would only be of benefit to us."

    Manly prop Jason King was saddened to hear of Roach's departure.

    "It's disappointing," King said. "He was great to work with, especially for the front-rowers.

    "He offered plenty of advice and encouragement and you could always talk to him about your game and opposition props.

    "He'll be a loss for sure."

    :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah: :yeah:
  2. SilentBob

    SilentBob Well-Known Member

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    He must read the forum.
  3. byso

    byso Well-Known Member

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    It was great to see Kings Quote.

    He may miss a few games after poor performances now.

    Is Cement available?
  4. Guest

    Guest Guest

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    Who is going to eat the leftovers at the club bistro now?

    Get Dean pay or cement as forwards coach.
  5. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    +9,386 /402
    Don't let the door hit you on the way out pal. Laugh at your new forwards when they put in a poor performance !!!

    We all knew his heart was at The Tigers. Now I don't want to see his stupid advertisement in The MANLY news anymore in his Tigers gear.

    RE: King. I was thinking that Byso. Someone ruthless like BK or something might actually make change when required.
  6. byso

    byso Well-Known Member

    +85 /0
    BK wont be the answer he's long gone.

    We need Cement . If available.
  7. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    +9,386 /402
    Yeah - he'd be good too Byso. There would be a few candidates. Carroll. Roberts (after he got rid of baggage) - and don't laugh guys - look at his fitness regime. Serdaris. Bk.

    Anyone. But they HAVE to believe in Manly's cause.
  8. Blunty

    Blunty Member

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    Cement is going to the Sharks with Ricky. Straight from the horses mouth.
  9. byso

    byso Well-Known Member

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    Not Carroll he has too many other ventures. Not Roberts either he spends to much time in court and would probably organise most of the training sessions in the sheds.
  10. byso

    byso Well-Known Member

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    You know him?

    Damn shame. Maybe Hoppa?.....Naah
  11. mellonhead

    mellonhead Member

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    How come this was a shock for the players? I thought they had a better grasp of reality! I reckon 2 years too late.... bye bye you are the weakest link!
  12. Stuey Davis Socks

    Stuey Davis Socks Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +573 /4
    King obviously doesn't
  13. Canteen Worker

    Canteen Worker Well-Known Member

    +215 /5
    That is a shocker Byso!!!!! :blaugh: :blaugh: :blaugh: I will introduce you to his lawyers!
  14. DSM5

    DSM5 Well-Known Member

    +516 /0
    There is a God. Good riddance. I've been posting for ages to see the back of this useless lump of tiger lard. And guys, forget Cement, look at his imput at the rorters. Not impressive. You don't have to be a brain injured ex-forward to see what needs to be done with our forward pack. I could do the job and I was a famous backline player. Big men need to run forward with the ball and tackle. simple really. If they're got the brain cells they can slip a pass or do something creative, but the simplicity of the game calls for forward momentum.
  15. Utility Player

    Utility Player Well-Known Member

    +514 /6
    Wonder what Kosef is doing these days
  16. Dan

    Dan Kim Jong Dan Staff Member Administrator 2016 Tipping Competitor 2017 Tipping Competitor

    +7,735 /120
    King may now be forced to do some runs and make hitups, no wonder he is upset
  17. Ryan

    Ryan Well-Known Member

    +9,386 /402
    You were a famous backline player?
    Do tell....

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