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RIP Grant Goldman


The Incomparable Immortal Bob Fulton
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Jul 26, 2010
Always sad when we lose someone in life let alone a Manly person
I met Grant many years ago at Wheeler hieghts news agency when I was working as a stationery rep and we talked about the Manly Sea eagles . I rang him on his radio station and we talked about the Manly Sea eagles . Grant was a Manly Sea eagles man at heart
He passed away much to young at 69 and the Cancer took hold of his life much younger but he valiantly remained positive to his credit .
Nothing feels as good as being in good health and every day we wake up with a heart beat we are the luckiest people on the planet .
Rest in peace feathered friend Grant and thanks for the memories


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Aug 4, 2004
We were at the Kings v S.E. Melb basketball game yesterday and they spoke about Grant at halftime. For one or two years back in the early 2010's he was actually the courtside announcer at Kings games and his son was involved last year as well. They said that he watched his last game just a couple of weeks back.

Joel Thompson was at the game and involved in a 3 point shoot out with Cody Walker and Mick O'Loughlin (ex Swan) at half time. The other two managed 3 baskets out of about 20 shots but Joel couldn't buy a basket.

Cuzzo was spotted in the crowd too!


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Oct 25, 2004
An amazing manly man who is intertwined with so many of my fondest brooky memories

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