Ridge caught playing the ball incorrectly

Rebecca Loos, the former PA to David Beckham who earned notoriety for her affair with her famous employer, has been caught in flagrante delicto on a trans-Atlantic flight with former All Black and Manly rugby league star Matthew Ridge.

The pair were told to "modify their behaviour" after other passengers complained about goings on in the business class cabin on an Air New Zealand flight from London to Los Angeles.

Passenger Rachel Bernam, told London newspaper The News of the World: "It was pretty obvious what was going on."

"As soon as Rebecca's wine glass was full, she headed over to see Matthew. She climbed into the bed and lay on top of him. I tried to ignore it and go to sleep but I could hear her giggling. They started snogging and then she disappeared under the blanket. She later came up for a kiss but then they were at it again. But this time the blanket fell onto the floor. I was shocked - it was then the steward told them to knock it off," she said.

An Air NZ spokeswoman told the New Zealand Herald: "We can confirm there were complaints in the premium cabin on NZ1 on February 2 that required cabin crew to ask a couple of passengers to modify their behaviour," she said.

The pair got together last October after meeting during the filming of New Zealand television show Celebrity Treasure Island.

Ridge broke up with wine heiress Keita Nobilo to be with Loos, who is best known as the woman who claimed to have had an affair with English football star Beckham.

Ridge's agent, Mick Watson, was quoted by The News of the World as saying: "They're a couple, they were on a plane and something obviously happened. Matthew apologised to the crew and Rebecca went back to her bed. What's the big deal?"
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Well ive done those long haul flights and you have to do something to relieve the cabin fever/boredom. i used to jog between the upper and lower decks late at night, so bumping uglies at 30,000 seems like the sensible thing to do really.
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