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As a former Qantas flight attendant tells of her mile-high antics with actor Ralph Fiennes, former All Black Matthew Ridge's attempts to join the same club have hit the headlines.

British tabloid News Of The World reported Ridge and girlfriend Rebecca Loos were told to "knock it off" by an Air New Zealand flight attendant during a recent London-Los Angeles flight.

"Fellow flyers flew off the handle when they saw the sleazy celebrity taking her rugby star fella to Cloud Nine on a transatlantic flight," the report said.

Aucklander Rachel Bernam was quoted as "an outraged witness", saying the pair got cosy in the next row on a premium cabin bed in business class.

"She climbed into the bed and lay on top of him. I tried to ignore it and go to sleep but I could hear her giggling," she told the paper.

"They started snogging and then she disappeared under the blanket."

Airline staff quickly responded to the complaints.

"I was shocked -- it was then the steward told them to knock it off," Ms Bernam said.

Loos gained worldwide fame when she claimed to be the former lover of soccer superstar David Beckham. She and Ridge began a relationship this year.

An Air New Zealand spokesperson confirmed an `incident' took place on the NZ1 flight.

"There were complaints in the premium cabin on NZ1 that required a couple of passengers to modify their behaviour."

Ridge's actions were defended by former New Zealand Warriors chief executive Mick Watson, who the paper said was Ridge's agent.

"They're a couple, they were on a plane and something obviously happened," Watson was quoted as saying.

"Matthew apologised to the crew and Rebecca went back to her bed. What's the big deal?

The incident made headlines in Australia's Daily Telegraph alongside reports of Lisa Robertson's tell-all television interview about her mid-air encounter with Fiennes.

Robertson, 38, was sacked by Qantas after admitting she and Fiennes had sex in the aircraft's toilet.

On Sunday night she revealed there was "a chance" she was pregnant with Fiennes' baby.

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