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If any moron says that we should make a bid for Ricky Stewarts signature for 2007 may they die a swift but painful death!
I have already heard people talking about it, thus the reason for this post.


I don't know who Ricky Stewart is but Ricky Stuart wouldn't be a bad buy. At least he has won a premiership.
There is no way i want that whinging little prick at our Club. If Dessie was going **** , i might consider John Lang but Des doesnt need to be replaced. YET.


Kim Jong Dan
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agreed. I would replace des for Elliot but not Stuart
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Sticky Ricky breeds dissension. He's an arrogant arsefole who plays favourites and reminds me of Bob Fulton. Stuart had a great stable but only got the horse over the line once and that was all down to Fittler. And what's Elliot got besides good looks. Toovs is the one to take the reins if Hasler has failed in a couple of years to get us the silverware. I'd love to know what that noted fat barrstard prick Gould had to do with the sacking. Any insides?
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See round 1 this year for what elliot has - made us look like chumps. Also through some innovative ideas and good research came close to beating Melbourne last weekend. Elliot has come up with some ripper tactics to outwit teams and out of all the teams this year has "over achieved" the most.
Winging it
Newcastle are looking for a decent coach for next year.

Ricky - Hell NOOOOOOOO!
One season highlight has been seeing Ricky's face in tortured agony as the Rorters failed again. How could Politis be so cruel as to deny us these small pleasures?
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Fluff we made ourselves look like chumps against the raiders first up, Elliot had nothing to do with it. St Mary's fifth grade could have beaten us that game. Dreadful. I don't think that Elliots brain got the raiders close to melbourne last sunday, rather melbourne went to sleep in the second half but did enough to win. Elliot didn't coach the poor attacking options out of his half backs game as a good coach should. The guys just a good looking tool.


Kim Jong Dan
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one of the worst team on paper and Elliot has coached them into the finals.

Elliot has a lot of ability
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no worries DSM5 - you just keep thinging that early kicks to spread the ball wide to beat the umbrella defence were a coincedence

Fro - worried about the competition?
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where are all the "anti Des" posters?

Remember when he said he didn't want to be along term coach and that he's just here for the interim to help get manly back on their feet.

What are his plans now...anyone heard any update on what Des thinks of his future?

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