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Check this little bloke go. He's from Brisbane and his grandfather sent a DVD of him playing to Manchester United who picked him up on a scholarship.

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Yeah how disgraceful to allow your 9 year old son to possibly set up his financial future doing something he loves. Shame on them.


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how many of these child prodigies make it???

you really think that a kid that age is old enough to be identified as a star?

ask any of the guys on here who have kids round that age if they are old enough for that sort of pressure.

I say again, a disgrace.


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hhmm let me see, does the name Tiger Woods ring any bells. Was winning tournaments when he was younger than this kid.


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I wish my parents did the similar for me with my favourite sports.

Some kids just love playing sport. I reckon that kid will be loving it.


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yes Clon and for every tiger woods there are thousands who dont make it and end up on the junk heap.

Yes Byso, totally agree he would be loving it........NOW..

what about in a few years when he is doing skinfold tests and running the beep test at 11 on the other side of the world.

Professional sport is not about fun, it is about making money, these kids get chewed up and spat out if they arent up to it.

what I am saying is that we are adults for a long time, shouldnt we let kids grow up first??


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I can see where you are coming from Fro, but there is also a lot of wasted talent out there because the parents dont give a stuff. I think its a chance worth taking. However, if it was my kid and he said he really didnt want to do it, then thats a different story. As long as they are still enjoying it though, they need to be encouraged as much as possible.


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oh hell yeah Clon, i am with you there, by all means encourage the kid to play his favorite sports and if he shows talent and wants to then go from there.

but burnout is a huge thing, and would be better for the kid to develop and go on when he is a bit older and not end up hating the game.

I am involved in coaching kids cricket and the number that go through to keep playing sport as adults is a very small % and a lot of the times the ones that are pushed get to 16 - 18 and dont want to play anymore as it is not fun.

let kids be kids, dont expect the boy to make a million by the time he is 15.

we read about bad behaviour from sportsmen all the time, if this issue isnt perpetuating the cocooned environment that sportsmen grow up and live in I dont know what is.


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The thing that got me about him, was the fact that most kids his age with that sort of talent, regardless of the sport, usually try an do everything themselves.

He was passing to his teammates and was very aware of what is going on around him.

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Most of us play sport for fun. When it stops being fun some stop. Lots of pressure on profressional sportspeople but most just love being paid for something they would do for free.


So long as they keep up their education while they are trying to make it in sport I say go for it.
They had Beckam from when he was 11 years old. Dont know how much interest they place in education.


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I have a son in under 8s who is now in his 3rd season with the same team. It is interesting to see that the *stars* of three years ago have come back to the pack and some of the strugglers are the team standouts now.

My 5 year old fills in at under 8s level and holds his own. Should I send Arsenal a tape.

Good on the kid for the signing but you'd have to think it's a fair gamble for the club.

Mind you, my eldest son's side contains a young aboriginal girl who is absolutely brilliant. We're tipping she'll play for the Matildas.

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