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Canteen Worker

First Grader
Funny article in the Telegraph. Paid a woman $1000 a week for sex but she wasn't a hooker. Paid her $50000 to keep it quiet.

Pathetic - see article:

Rex sex for cash scandal

May 17, 2006

REX Hunt yesterday told of his shame and sorrow after revealing to his family that he paid women for sex.

The millionaire fishing guru and AFL commentator sat yesterday with Lynne, his wife of 34 years, and told of sex-for-money "arrangements" with three women going back to the early 1990s.

"It was money for sexual favours and as far as I'm concerned that was it," he said.

Hunt, 57, denied the women were prostitutes – despite one woman being paid what The Daily Telegraph understands was as much as $1000 a week for sex.

"If it's the case, then I was totally unaware of it – because the arrangement I made was not with a prostitute." Hunt said.

"It was with three women. For private reasons I was desperate for physical contact."

Hunt, who has preached the virtues of marriage and fidelity, said that despite the revelations, he was a family man: "I am ashamed and sorry I have hurt my wife and children and friends.

"The fact is, Lynne and I love each other very much . . . I stuffed up. The buck stops with me.

"I'm a man, I'm a family man. You reckon I'm proud of this – no, I'm not. You reckon I love my wife – yes, I do."

Of the most recent arrangement, involving a Melbourne beautician, Hunt said: "I had a confidential arrangement with a woman whereby I paid her money in exchange for sexual favours."

He said he had agreed 14 months ago, in order to protect his wife, to end the relationship which started in 1997 with a cash payment.

Hunt would not reveal how much, but The Daily Telegraph believes it was $50,000.

"I paid money thinking I would get confidentiality so I could protect my wife," he said.

"The finalisation included a confidentiality clause. I signed that agreement through my stupidity."

Hunt said he his wife knew of the agreement and he thought he and Lynne had "dealt with this problem and moved on".

But rumours have been circulating about Hunt and in response to an investigation by The Daily Telegraph he decided to confirm his secret life.

Hunt declined to discuss details, but sources said he communicated with the beautician in code.

His name for her was "Weather" and she called him "Uncle".

It is believed Lynne found out about Hunt's sexual encounters after the woman's name and mobile phone number were discovered in his telephone listings.

Asked if there had been other women, Hunt replied: "A long, long time ago, before this. (It was the) same situation of money being paid for sexual favours."

"I was introduced to both of them, one way back in the early '90s and one in the mid-'90s.

"And then in 1997-1998. This relationship with this woman who I paid a substantial amount of money, started."

Hunt said he could see how some people would regard the sexual arrangements as "unsavoury".

"This is about the love of two people and the bloke who f . . . ed up. Did I commit a crime? No. Did I commit a moral atrocity? My bloody oath I did," he said.

"I'm a bad person. My wife is the most beautiful person and I won't hurt her any more. This has come back to haunt us."


Reserve Grader
What a dick, he deserves to be strung up by his balls and beaten senseless!!

As far as his wife goes, no sympathy from me until she leaves the cheating bast**d. :evil: :evil:


Journey Man
The moral of the story is:

If you're going to walk the moral high ground, be sure you don't stick your dick in the valley.


Journey Man
[quote author=Fluffy]
i heard his brother mike wasnt impressed either
Yibida Yibida....so what is Mike Devere up to these days?
[/quote]There's a profile on him in this week's Big LEague


Reserve Grader
His name for her was \"Weather\" and she called him \"Uncle\".
\"The finalisation included a confidentiality clause. I signed that agreement through my stupidity.\"

Sounds like Uncle Rex must've been under the Weather when he signed that confidentiality agreement.

Seems like he'll relate better to his fish given that his only evident regret was getting caught.


There is a good comic in the Tele today with Rex about to kiss a fish. The kiss is pulling him up before he dives in telling him that will be $500 for one on the lips and $1,000 with tongue...


Reserve Grader
Sickening. Now I need to change my name.

\"Did I commit a moral atrocity? My bloody oath I did,\" he said. \"I'm a bad person ... \"

Given these admissions, obviously Rex should change HIS name to "Imac"

(pronounced of course with a strong "I")


Reserve Grader
Does this mean Rex Hunt no longer approves of bottom trawling?

Has Rex redefined his concept of "optimal sustainable yield"? i.e. Did Rex get more than he was angling for?

Does he feel gutted?

Will Rex's true legacy be to change the term for the study of fish from Ichthyology to Irkthyology?

Was the $50,000 woman nothing more than a gold fish or will we discover she was in fact a gulper? (No, no, no - I mean a type of shark). Will Rex's trademark symbol become the jellyfish rather than the Angelfish?

Is swapping sex for cash a legitimate way of earning a crustacean?

Did they have sex at his plaice or her plaice?

Is the rumour true that one of the other women was Ms Anne Chovey?

So many questions. So little time.
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