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Revealed the true queensland story

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by jbb/james, Jun 6, 2013.

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    With Nate Myles head butting tackling style front page News I can reveal it is the result of a Top secret cloning program undertaken in a country town somewhere in Far North Queensland just a little west from Crap****iztan. It has been revealed that Queensland's best attacking player "Wally the king Lewis" and Queenslands/kiwi most dominant defensive player Tony Carrol 's DNA has been preserved and cloned into what qld hopes in coming years to be super footy players.

    So Top secret was the experiment The DNA was taken without Knowledge of either player. It has been revealed that the DNA was obtained shortly after full time from a half chewed orange, and a can of XXXX after one of queensland infamous bonding sessions. Initially the sample had too much orange so the first player to roll of the production liine was Brett Dallas. The next player to be cloned faired better in Sam Backo but it has been revealed the sample contained too much beer

    The queensland brains trust frustrated by there efforts went back to the drawing board and immediatley flushed the beer and orange from there samples.Shortly after they were rewarded with Brent Tate and while he did not poses the passing gene of the king he was the first player to show the gigantic features the queenslanders sought, although it was apparent to anyone with eyes, the carrol chin dosage had to be reduced to avoid unwanted attention of the program, Secret documents obtained by a disgruntled employee now reveal that "Nate the titanium plate" Myles is the latest release in the qld production Line. Nates melon shares the same scale as the great kings melon although the extra points and superior reinforced structure, make this a formidable head, not to be messed with. A melon of mass destruction

    It will be interesting to see if the NRL clamp down on the overly large and dangerous appendage, whether ASIC are aware of the program and if it contains banned supplements, or whether anyone can prove that Nates monument sized head is indeed Natural. It will be a difficult theory to dispel in qld where the women are capable of giving birth to a 42 pound head with legs.

    This story in not the truth, is totally made up. No way are queensland that clever or productive
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