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Chip and Chase

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My inbox has been inundated over the last few weeks with emails that have allegedly originated from my mail server and seem to be bounced back as undelivered. Has anyone experienced this and does anyone know WTF is going on with it. I've got antivirus software (McAfee) and a scan doesn't reveal any viruses. I went away over Xmas and came back to over 300 emails of this type, mainly to my "catch all" account. I'm getting about 20 a day

Any ideas about how to stop it.



Ive had similar C&C.
I once got back to work on a Monday and found an email was sent from my address out to another employee. It wasnt a defamatory email but was sent out on Sat when i wasnt at work. After alot of accusations and liasiing with IT it was found to be a virus. Being H.J Heinz and being a global co I thought we would have had good anit-virus programns.

At the moment I am getting offers for Russian brides on e-mail. Might take them up[ on it shortly. :lol2:


Kim Jong Dan
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antivirus cant stop these things. They are forging your headers. A lot of the time they will only be sent internally and can not make it into the outside world.

It sucks but it is part of IT life


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Yep. 99.99% of spam use false 'from' headers. A lot of them use headers from known email addresses, as opposed to just made up addresses. The theory is that at least it's from a truly valid email address and so may get further through the spam blocks.

Any company that bounces spam like that is living in the past (I would say a good 6 or 7 years, easily). Most companies know that the 'from' / 'reply-to' headers are falsified... obviously some don't and think that it's nice to tell you that you were a spammer.

Like Dan said, it's just a fact of IT life. Unfortunately that kind of stuff could be stopped, if only the admins had any real life experience...

Chip and Chase

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So I've just got to tolerate it ??

It has only been happening for the last month or two, but seems to be getting worse by the day.

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