Remembering Manly's Big Hits

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Remembering Manly's Big Hits

Right lets get ourselves geed up for the upcoming season.

Anyone with photos or clips of big hits by manly preferebly Kylie's post them here and describe the sequence

(I was going to title this thread remember Minouges hits, but then realised that the post would be empty).

My favourite hit he put on was against Souths. Some stooge tackled lulu and he dropped the ball.
Not a good move.!!

About 3 tackles later minogue saw the guy running on as first receiver, he charged out of the line and put a huge hit on the little rabbit flinging the guy in the air and knocking the ball loose.

Sensational hit.

There are so many pearlers including one at brooky, but lets all have go at remembering!!
Remembering Manly's Big Hits

I still haven't forgotten the 3 big hits Hoppa laid on 3 Panthers players in round 13 last year. Martin Lang, Priddis? and Daniel Russell were either knocked down or severely put off balance.
Remembering Manly's Big Hits

Big hit by Lulu against parra

Was called for off side but im sure he was on. Just that he ran up fast out of the line similar to hoppa in that game.

Huge hits though
Remembering Manly's Big Hits

The St George game at Kogarah (yes - that game!) he did some huge hits in the first half and had them going backwards. Pity we lost our intensity in the second half!
Remembering Manly's Big Hits

Im barring up over this

Keep em coming!!

Monas pulled off some big hits against souths at NSO
Remembering Manly's Big Hits

thats the idea fluffy it should fire us up before round one and we will dig it back up before the sharks game to make sure we all go there fired up and ready to be loud.

im going to be told off for my swearing again at that game!
Remembering Manly's Big Hits

I'm looking forward to the next time Manly come up against Newcastle . Kylie Leualai & Josh Perry hate each other with a passion . Last year in Round # 1 @ Newcastle , Kylie asked Josh out to the carpark after the match , Perry declined the offer . This set up a fiery encounter for the Brooky match , but Perry pulled out injured the day before . Looks like the fear factor got to him.
Remembering Manly's Big Hits

Knowing the knights I would say they asked him back to behind the sheds :D

Smash em kylie smash em

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