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Remember these days a decade ago - hang in there

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Beaver boy, Apr 18, 2015.

  1. Beaver boy

    Beaver boy Well-Known Member

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    I was there at Brookie travelling over 40 k's to watch the Northern Eagles in the driving rain in front of a handful of people .... Hoping that Manly would return.

    I was there in 2008 in front of 80,000 people watching Beaver score ... Our team creating history.

    I'm here now watching this club go through some tough times.

    I've never once not renewed my membership. As a fan this forum gives us all the opportunity to have a say. Be it positive/negative say what you think. Sure thing is that of late there is a lot of negativity, however never confuse this with constructive criticism. So I say speak your mind. If someone doesn't agree well then suck it up.
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    • Mark from Brisbane

      Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

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      We said @Beaver boy its tough going but we will be back.
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        The tough times give substance to the good times.
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        • brad

          brad Well-Known Member

          +4,317 /160
          We will be right lads . Proud of cherry last night he had a dig and Hodges added spark . It's all good .
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          • Mals

            Mals Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

            +1,650 /39
            What's our biggest number of losses in a season? Whatever it is we are on track to beat it.... Hopefully we'll get more 2nd half fight in us when we are back playing at Brookie. The club should cancel playing another home game away from Brookie this year. We need to give our boys the best chance of winning games.
          • EagleFromMay1967

            EagleFromMay1967 Sky Punching : send them High as the Clouds

            +1,371 /49
            Its clear to me Cherry wants to stay. Its also pretty clear Ms Cherry wants to stay and all the likely reasons. Its gonna happen. Put your faith in our No1 hero Bob Fulton to seal the deal.
          • davohan123

            davohan123 Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

            +1,704 /63
            Here here well said beaver boy

            For the rest of the rest I think the best outcome for us will be:

            1/ Seeing the under 20's make it deep into September - I think they will this year.

            We will come close but this start to the season will see us missing the right just - not by much I don't think

            Every team has had seasons like we are having where everything you do does not go right plus having a team full of injuries- it just isn't our year this year but we will be back.

            2/ Gain back the Manly spirit and fight into the team which we all love to see - I saw it for about 3 minutes last night and then we went back to what we have been come accustomed to over the start to this year.

            3/ Finally I can see us in the back end of the year being a big nusiance factor to teams and hopefully we stuff up a few teams finals chances or top 4 positions. We will play our best football later on in the year.
          • winnyason

            winnyason Well-Known Member

            +1,086 /76
            It hurts like hell to see our predicament. I be honest I have thought about turning Tele off but you have to take good with bad.
            My problem at present our poor recruitment and wanting to keep a blue chip side for so long has hurt us big time. It all seems to be coming to ahead in one season.
            Williame is terrible and would honestly struggle in top grade bush footy get him out of firsts. Our back row simply has no punch at all and this hurts. Mason is well past it. Matai, dce, killer all playing injured.
            I am concerned there is no game plan.....it is really time to try chee kam, vave start dropping players if they don't perform.
            Postive seems dce wants to stay and negioations seem under way.
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            • bob dylan

              bob dylan Well-Known Member Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

              +6,440 /192
              I am hopeful the playing group will turn this around once we get 4 or 5 of our regular troops back.
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              • niccipops

                niccipops un echidna spillo mia bevanda Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

                +6,352 /56
                I was there for those dreaded Northern Eagle days and the aftermath of under performing Manly sides. I remember watching one particular match when we were getting pounded but then scored about three consolation tries. I was jumping up and down and cheering like a maniac.
                A friend kindly reminded me that my team was actually getting smashed. It didn't matter at that moment. My team scored three tries in a row so I was celebrating for them and thinking towards the future.
                The future got pretty good including two epic Premierships.
                I hate losing as much as anyone. As a one-eyed fan it seems there's a black cloud over our 2015 season.
                But the wounded Sea Eagles will soar again and it won't take as long as the rebuild from the Northern Eagles days.
                Stay Manly peops. Our team needs us.

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