Reg Reagan

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Journey Man
Reg Reagan was at Manly training to give it to some of the "pillow biters" on the Footy Show last night.

Some of the highlights:

My boys' hero, Brent Kite, treated him with absolute contempt.

Jye Mullane licked the tomato sauce off his face.

Hoppa beat Reagan in a sprint with metres to spare.

Reagan said that Harris' hair cut looked like a cat had died on his head. For a moment I though he'd referred to Harris as a feline.

Jye Mullane was icing his knee at one point so I'd imagine they're still giving him trouble.
I saw him icing his knee, felt sorry for the guy I know knee pain and when you call for ice, its never good.

Hope looked fit though.
I thought one of the best part of the show was the ads for Friday night's game.
"Far north Queensland has been rocked by cyclone Ingrid. Weather forecast for Friday? Sonny" with SBW standing in a menacing pose. 8o)

The entire show was a touch better than last week and it was good seeing the boys.
that comedian was scarcely better than Craigy boy.

The kid in the no talent time was gold. That joke about catching the train to emu plains and still feeling ripped off. GOLD!
Thats gold! lol

Yeah the NZer was just as bad as the warriors outfit.

Never joke about anyones religion :roll:
Fcuk that Danny Weidler doesn't mind stirring up things a bit. He was into Graham Murray last night- but coming from histh lithsping tounge I struggle to thake in thmuch of what heth is thsaying.
Sorry fellas but this guy annoys the living **** out of me and as I said last week I can't fathom how the fcuk he got a position there.
When he dished out get wells to Keiran Perkins old man from "all the footy show team" it caused me to shiver- Danny your not part of the footy show team you're just an experiment gone horribly wrong- a bit like that little pip squeek Alan Robinson.
I didn't see it but Weidler is a goose - look at what he writes!

Has a face for radio and the personality and voice for a newspaper (sorry PJ!)
I dont like the weidler guy either, every word sound slike ill informed bull**** and he was salivating and spitting as he spoke
I was waiting for a chance to use that Fluff- I'd say Weidler would be the dead horse....
That's alright CW- I've got radio and print covered- but sometimes you just have to accept that maybe your head just wouldn't be suited to TV (memo to Weidler- work with your strengths, may I suggest as a stunt double for the Fat Man in Dare Devil Dudes)
Danny Weidler is the Craig Field of Channel 9.

I too felt sorry for Mullane when I saw him icing his knee. It sent a tremor through the pins left after my reconstruction.
Speaking of Craig Field Mata- in the Wagga paper the other day they had a story on him being caught at about 2am (I think that was the time) driving around without a licence- he is in trouble for lying about having no id as well.
I thought he moved to Wagga to leave the bright lights and distractions of the city?

A good move for his family I recall him saying? How many "family men" in their 30s with 3 kids do you know that drive around town unlicensed (and probably DUI) at 2am?
I've heard of one or two of those.

But it might be an oxymoron because they don't tend to win the custody battles.

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