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Refs don't concede tries

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Poola, Jun 15, 2013.

  1. Poola

    Poola Active Member

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    The refs are what they are. Everyone cops them. They did not concede five soft tries this evening we did. The Reynolds try albeit a no try still had 4 or 5 Manly players who could've stopped the try. Lets start seeing the facts and not continue to ignore the truth. Truth of the matter is right now we look like a stuttering, misfiring. Battered v8 engine that splutters into life just enough to give us hope.

    We looked out muscled, out enthused, out disciplined and out thought for most of the game bar the last 15 mins.
    Truth also is that our rh edge looks stale compared to our l edge that's vibrant and daring, however we continue playing more down the rh edge than the lh edge.

    I'm also at pains to understand why we use our bench as tardy as we do. The bench players TRed and hassan played with enthusiasm when they came on the park, however their time on the park was minimal.

    Every one says 2v knows best. So be it, however after 3 straight home losses, lets get real and face the facts. Unless we hugely undergo a metamorphoses, our season is slipping away, going to the dogs no pun intended.
    Is it also time to, blood a few new props, start gift off the bench, replace Wolfie with Hiku when Brett returns, select 3 real props on the bench and stop blaming the world for our indiscretions and start winning games by doing what we did rounds 1-7

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