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Rebecca Wilson Talking Sense - WTF

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by Frogz, Feb 9, 2013.

  1. Frogz

    Frogz Well-Known Member Premium Member

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    I have been critical of how this all came about since the staged press conference the other day...Sh1t I actually think for once I agree with this Wino

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    • Dan79

      Dan79 Active Member

      +71 /0
      I think it is pretty obvious that she was drunk when she wrote this piece........
    • WAMF

      WAMF Well-Known Member

      +408 /0
      I can't stand her either but she has nailed this one.
    • Berkeley_Eagle

      Berkeley_Eagle Current Status: 24/7 Manly Fan

      +2,125 /14
      wasnt her
    • bones

      bones Bones Knows

      +9,036 /102
      Was it The Mole? Oh sorry... You already answered that.
    • manlyfan76

      manlyfan76 Parra Trolls are the best. Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +7,113 /151
      Ghost writer.
    • conanu

      conanu Well-Known Member

      +2,399 /45
      I think she is no better than them. When she makes statements like this she is doing the same thing as Lundy!
      "One elite sports club was raided at the behest of the Crime Commission and I'm told the head coach is still bragging about the locked drawer they failed to open in his office. The allegation is that it was full of illegal substances ready for injection"

      I mean really??? What coach would brag about that honestly.
    • Rambo1987

      Rambo1987 Well-Known Member

      +221 /2
      Every Dog has it day...
    • Mark from Brisbane

      Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

      +16,424 /314
      Whomever has written this has I reckon nailed it. A mate of mine ( non footy fanatic) is mates with a SMH political journo and told him this exact same thing. I am sure we are not that naive to think there isn't some abuse of this BUT did it need to go down like this???
    • MWSE

      MWSE Well-Known Member

      +335 /2
      Why are people turning their anger on the people who are trying to clean this up? Anger should be focused towards the small minority who have done this to the game. And they will be outed in due course.

      Rugby league is closing ranks and the old boys club is doing its best to deflect attention.
    • HappilyManly

      HappilyManly MWTS Premium Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +15,466 /324
      I personally think that the anger is due to the innuendo as opposed to charges.
      When you watch the torturous pre-season training and the painful injury rehabs of the Players, it is offensive for them to be accused of just ingesting skill, will and talent :mad:

      And in my case, I also want to know what the NRL and the Drug Testing Agencies were doing in the past to miss this alleged rorting?

      Now they are trying to justify their existence/funding/egos - are they just bureaucrats who like to watch Manly men pee in jars:huh:

      RE DUI Becs - just proves the Infinite monkey theorem :D
    • Jono

      Jono Well-Known Member

      +176 /5
      I think she hit the nail on the head. True Journalism from Rebecca Wilson. I'm surprised to tell you the truth.


      +2,175 /103
      She's just jumped on the popularist bandwagon. She's written what everyone wants to hear.

      Don't think for a second that this cow wouldn't sink the boot into us at the first opportunity should there be sniff of impropriety at Manly.
    • swoop

      swoop Well-Known Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +1,406 /25
      See how far these allegded substance abuse goes, she couldn't of been "clean" writing a story like that.:)
    • Moondog

      Moondog Amazing Blue Footed Boobie 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +4,433 /40
      Thread title is a classic example of an oxymoron. Rebecca Wilson is a classic example of a common or garden moron.
    • Masked Eagle

      Masked Eagle Well-Known Member

      +976 /0
      I think people should stop comparing this to her other rubbish. That's why you are thinking its a good read. IMO there is still a good portion of crap in it. Such as:

      She blames the govt processes which lead to there being a huge smear placed on the australian sporting landscape, then she says "From the outset, let me say that there is no doubt a systemic and endemic doping problem at a few AFL and rugby league clubs." WTF? So they aren't allowed to cast a shadow over everybody, but I am?

      She then goes on to say ""Scaremongering is one thing but when it implicates innocents it is just plain wrong." Hmmm, is it just me or does just about every other Manlys supporter, heck rugby league supporter, heck sport supporter in this country like to ram that sentence down her throat?

      She talks about not presenting any evidence and making wild accusations but she seems to forget about that message when she says players are tipped off about drug testing without giving any proof.

      Maybe this is a good article for Rebecca Wilson, but as far as nailing it? Not a chance.
    • Mark from Brisbane

      Mark from Brisbane Living the dream Premium Member

      +16,424 /314
      She nailed what this is about .... Full stop!!!
    • lsz

      lsz Well-Known Member Staff Member 2017 Tipping Competitor

      +4,347 /87
      Mark if there is a problem then there is a problem

      I would suggest the best course of action is to wait and see rather than jump to political or other conclusions
    • ManlyBacker

      ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

      +971 /7
      Every article she has written for many years has been rubbish, until it suddenly fulfills the conspiracy theories of the loony right. She may be right, but funny how she has ALWAYS got it wrong until this one and you are falling over yourselves in believing every word. It is written in the usual veiled insinuations without a shred of evidence to back up any claim. She needs to put up or shut up - the same way I view the ACC and ASADA efforts so far.
    • MWSE

      MWSE Well-Known Member

      +335 /2
      This response NAILED it. Especially the part about scaremongering. A favourite tactic of any News Ltd. publication.

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