Reason Watmough missed out on SOO 2

On the Dead Set Legends (Triple M) on Sat morning Rebecca Wilson remarked that part of the reason Watmough was dropped from the NSW team was that he was "surrounded by legends and acted like the biggest one". Sounds like his head was a big too big. Anyone else hear similar comments?
i heard he got into a playful fire up session with kennedy in the tunnel before the a bit out of hand and kennedy cut his head,hence the tape.did not go down too well.

The Wheel
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Wilkins has been pushing this theory for a few weeks now - I wouldn't rely on her gossip. Ricky Stuart said he was looking at a player who could provide more coverage in case of injury in the backs. Beaver fitted this as he can play in the centres.


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Watmough said that the pre-game warm up theory is crap on the news the other day. He doesn't know how the rumour started.


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Wheel thats what I heard too. The fact that Beaver can cover forwards, and outside backs meant he is a good utility player


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another note on Watmough on saturday night without an older head he started to revert back to hisold ways.

It wasnt the forwards attack that killed us but their panicky 5th tackle defense

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Our pack was getting pummelled by the big QLD pack. Choc is not the physical player who is goinog to come out and make an impact in that cauldron.

His short bursts at the end of each half would have been sensational as the big me tired - he could also have given Hindmarsh/Fitzy a short break. Not used well be Stuart - obviously Tricky doesn't rate him though his earlier form demanded he be picked!!!


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Ricky couldn't coach a dog to eat biscuits this year. His use of Watmough in SOO1 was crazy. The word was 14 stitches in BK's melon - but who believes any one anymore. He'll come back as soon as the Whinge gets the flick. Wilson wouldn't know the inside gos on her own pregnancy.

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Watmough's inclusion of Choc as 18th Man proves that RW is a 'royal tosser' of the most severe kind. She should be ignored as she has less idea than a footballer writing out his tax form!

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