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Real Captain Comments

Discussion in 'Rugby League Forum' started by ads, Jul 16, 2005.

  1. ads

    ads Well-Known Member

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    Here is Barry Hall (as part of the Swans rotation captaincy and favourite to get the job next year) Its from the SMH

    "It's something anyone would like to do," Hall said. "But if I'm not the man for the job, or there's a better leader among the group, that's fine because it's all about what the team needs, not what I need.

    "We spoke about it and there's no competition among the six, and it's not a case of 'I'm going to do a better job than you'. Everyone has shared the load a fair bit and I think that shows you how strong our leadership group is. We're not full of individuals, we're willing to work together, and even when someone is announced as captain it's not going to mean the others are any less leaders."

    As for being favourite, Hall said there's more to being captain than having the highest profile at the club.

    "It doesn't matter who they print in the paper as being the favourite to get the job," he said. "There's 40 blokes here relying on a guy and I personally think who they want to be captain should be captain, they've got to be led by him. It goes a lot deeper than who everyone in the public or the papers thinks should be captain or not, that's pretty irrelevant."

    We should get Monas to read these comments - I dont care if they are cliches it is what the Captain should say AND believe.
  2. ManlyBacker

    ManlyBacker Winging it Staff Member

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    I like Monas but he definitely doesn't engage the brain when asked questions. Every player should see themselves asa team member willing to do the best by everyone else. That is why I don't favour bringing on players like "The Man" Mundine. The club, game & team is bigger than the individual. Something that Beaver never had a problem with.
  3. ads

    ads Well-Known Member

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  4. SilentBob

    SilentBob Well-Known Member

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    May not be totally related but there are some good comments in this old article.

    Burns ain't half hot to crack first grade

    By Jason Avedissian - www.manlydaily.com.au

    MANLY recruit Travis Burns is prepared to turn himself into a utility player if it means playing first grade with the Sea Eagles next year.

    The born and bred halfback played second fiddle to Test number seven Brett Kimmorley at the Sharks over the last two years and faces a similar tussle with incumbent Manly captain and general Michael Monaghan.

    Burns, originally from the tiny southern Queensland town of Texas, acknowledges Monaghan as the club's number one choice but is hopeful of playing a role alongside the former Canberra half in the top grade in 2005.

    ``To play first grade (at Cronulla) was tough,'' Burns said yesterday after a gruelling fitness session for the Sea Eagles' backs at Freshwater Beach.

    ``I was behind Brett Kimmorley, the Test half. I enjoyed it but the option came to play here and there was a better opportunity (to play first grade).

    ``I'm in the full-time squad, so, (the goal is) just to play first grade, that's it.

    ``Monas is a great half and I'll just wait for my chance and when that comes, take it.

    ``I could come off the bench as a utility player. I'm also prepared to start the year in Premier League but I've got a feeling I'll get a shot by the end of the year.''

    Burns' desire for the top grade is fuelled with his close association with another Manly off-season recruit, Michael Witt.

    The pair played all their junior representative football together for the Darling Downs, in Toowoomba, with Burns now keen to rekindle the connection.

    ``We had a good combination going,'' Burns said about playing alongside Witt in the halves.

    Burns moved to Sydney in 2002 to join the Sharks, sharing his time between Jersey Flegg and Premier League before joining the Sea Eagles at the end of this year.

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