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I have deleted the original post - not because I disagree with the opinions expressed but because it contained cheap shots about a poster who has not responded to the challenge and is not here to defend himself.

However I reiterate the challenge that Matabele originally posted to DJSpook, to come over to this forum and debate some of the issues, in a forum where others can say what they really think without the fear of being banned. Dissenters and stirrers are welcome as long as they don't go too far in the libel stakes.
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i think canteen worker's retraction of what was posted sums up why i wont be coming here (i am here now as byso and kiwieagle asked me to look) but if you guys think "open" discussion includes insulting people ... and if (as i believe) this site was started by and for people who were continually being banned from the official site - it is still obvious the only reason that they arent being banned here is because its their bat and ball!
evrytime i have looked on this site it has been a negative experience. FULL STOP.

why keep slamming my fingers in a car door??

and food for thought > there was open discussion amongst the characters of lord of the flies as well....


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DJ, pot calling the kettle black there champ.......I've seen you at your best on ME too champ!

Each to there own though!

btw Spook it wasn't a AE regular who gave you a touch up......but AE moderator was protecting your best interests so the topic was deleted.

I still think a joust of wits with Mata should be on the cards!
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DJSpook, if visiting here is a negative experience - good - don't visit and no-one will be worse off!

You have made the rather big error of shooting your mouth off (so to speak) without engaging your brain.

This site started based on a stoush with a serial moron on One Eyed Eagle and had nothing to do with Mighty Eagles. Some supporters took exception to what they viewed as undue criticism of a particular player but that was inaccurate and is certainly not a feature of this site.

It is true that several regulars here have been banned on the ME forum at one stage or another - often for posting a contrary view. The admin of ME has the right to do whatever they wish, though their policy is somewhat puzzling as the 'Grade 2 girls fight' on the Gen Discussion forum tonight, involving you and others is worse that anything I have seen on here! The maturity of a few of you amazes me!!! (I can't understand why a few of you are not banned!)

The intent of my deleting the original post was to remove what was personal attacks of various people who have judged your character based on the content of your posts. Deleting it won't change their opinion, but just ensure it isn't public. I was actually trying to do the right thing by you - my opinion of you and your character based on your posts - did not come into it!

People here are very happy to debate issues robustly but I am not prepared to tolerate outright abuse - something you could take on board.

(I suppose I am wasting my time as you won't get to read this - you're not coming back)

PS I would appreciate that what I write here is not posted on another forum without my permission. Surprisingly some of us follow Manly and have a brain! !BDH!


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Come on mate. Theirs plenty of good stuff to do on both sites. Im sure the guys are willing to call a spade a spade also so we can all get on!


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Come on mate. Theirs plenty of good stuff to do on both sites. Im sure the guys are willing to call a spade a spade also so we can all get on!

Too true Flipper plenty of good stuff on all sites.


First Grader he's OK, just has issues with AE still. still hasn't worked out that this is a Manly supporters website.....with an edge.

I'm sure he quietly enjoys many aspects of AE. Maybe cant admit it thats all.


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I notice DJ Spook is in the AE Tipping Comp !!

Ban him !!

chuck dooooooooooood

it was good to finnally meet you
sorry i was just soooooooooooo pissed
and a little occupied

we'll have to catch up for a drink next time im down.

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Why can't everyone be like me and MEE..

Lovers of all Manly fans and sites.
I like all Manly sites too CC. I even think C_Eagle is clever. I just get sick of people pontificating with the high hats on, pouring their drivel all over otherwise good forums.

MB I still respect you and I agree with what you wrote - not why I deleted the post.

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I am sorry for deleting some good posts in the thread but I did not want the AE forums to get involved in what was happening on ME. Sadly things got out of hand there and I did not want it to reflect on this forum or any other. Hope things settle down shortly.

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